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There is an extremely powerful technology that can ease you through the strains and stresses of achieving independence from crush regging,  invalidative interviews, and wrong indications about your state of case and your general sanity. It is called the Conditions Formulas.

Many people overlook this technology because it is commonly used as punishment by the Church of Scientology. Believe me, there are more useful ways to use this technology.

You should be aware that the Conditions Formulas are fantastic tools for changing your life for the better when you use them on your own determination.

Let’s take a simple example:  Would you like to become more causative with respect to your dynamics?

If you are reading this post, you are in or have worked through a Condition of Doubt about the Church of Scientology vs your personal survival. That is a very good start, but there is an action you can do on your own which can give you more control over what is happening to you from here on out. I am referring to Conditions by Dynamics.

Those of you who have left or are considering leaving the church are probably discovering that you have other dynamics beside the church dynamic. You should take a win. There are far too many really great people who have subordinated seven other dynamics for their church dynamic for many years.

What you may not have considered is that EVERY scientologist has been persuaded to suppress their other dynamics in favor of the church dynamic. This suppression of dynamics is probably one of the major causes of stress in your life as a scientologist. Even if you have announced your independence of the CofS to all the world, you may not have completed the Conditions formulas for the dynamics you have been neglecting during your career as a scientologist.

You are entering a brave new world of independent scientology. Don’t you think that you might be better prepared if you were to get your PERSONAL ethics in on all of your dynamics. By PERSONAL ethics, I mean those actions that promote YOUR  survival on all dynamics according to your own Code of Honor, not to satisfy someone else.

Here is an extract that describes Conditions by Dynamics. You can do it on your own but twinning up with a partner is better:

CONDITIONS BY DYNAMICS An ethics type action. Have the person study the Conditions Formulas. Clear up the words related to his Dynamics 1-8, and what they are. Now ask him what is his Condition on the first Dynamic. Have him study the Formulas. Don’t buy any glib explanations. When he’s completely sure of what his Condition really is on the first Dynamic he will cognite. Similarly go on up each one of the Dynamics until you have a Condition for each one. Continue to work this way. Somewhere along the line he will start to change markedly.

I have done this action whenever I have made major life and career changes and it really helps unstick me from past conditions and past mistakes.

If you are becoming an independent scientologist, I heartily recommend that you consider doing Conditions by Dynamics. If you feel you can’t do it by yourself, there are many professional independent scientologists who can help you. It is a relatively short action which can produce remarkable results.

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