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I’ve waited a week for the dust to settle from Debbie Cook’s New Year’s letter.

Here’s what I can report.

I didn’t get a copy of Debbie’s letter directly. However, I did get a dozen copies forwarded to me by readers of this blog and people I’ve known for a long time that don’t know I write for this blog.

But, as the Law of Unintended Consequences predicts, Debbie’s letter had results not foreseen when it was written and sent.

The day after New Year’s, a twenty-year friend of mine, a Scientologist, started receiving idiotic e-mails from people defending Miscavige and demonstrating their cult-investment.

None of the e-mails mentioned Debbie’s letter.

She contacted me and wanted to know what was going on…why was she receiving these moronic e-mails?

I looked at what she sent me and it was obvious that Debbie’s e-mail had set off a flak storm*. People who received Debbie’s e-mail were drafting responses to it without forwarding Debbie’s e-mail.

So that’s what I told her. She wanted to read Debbie’s e-mail for herself, so I steered her to the posting on this site containing Debbie’s letter in full.

She called me six times over the next three hours. Apparently, she didn’t just read Debbie’s e-mail, but she read a number of the other articles on this site.

She was appalled and enthralled.

Apparently the Ethics Officer’s recommendation/order from her local org that parishioners not read the Internet regarding Scientology had been faithfully followed.

Now, the news that Miscavige had been not-ising was  cascading over her like a year’s worth of deliveries to Bandini Mountain.**

She wanted to know if it was all true. I told her that the Internet was hers to read. I also recommended that she read Marc Headley’s book, or Amy Scobee’s book, or Janet Reitman’s book or Jeff Hawkins’ book.

She claimed not to have enough time to do that.

I claimed she’d been kept in the dark long enough.

She said she would read Janet Reitman’s book.

She called back today and told me she didn’t want to go back to Church until Miscavige was out.

And that wasn’t all.

A more recent friend of mine forwarded me Debbie’s letter on January 2. This particular friend is a long-stalled Clear whose case has been neglected for decades, mostly because when he was in the Sea Org, the cases of staff didn’t deserve care and attention contrary to HCO PL 20 July 1970 CASES AND MORALE OF STAFF.

He wanted to know what I thought of it.

So I called him and explained that it was apparently a genuine communication from the former CO of Flag Land Base. I then forwarded to him a link to the ABC News coverage of Debbie’s letter and its fallout. Marty got news about the Church’s campaign to squash the story, which you should read about here.

So, the unintended consequences are that two people are now looking instead of listening.

One of them doesn’t want to go back into the Church until Miscavige is kicked out.

And there are now two people that I don’t have to withhold from.

If it’s true that Debbie send her e-mail to 12,000 people, then based on the results I’ve seen, 24,000 ostriches who have been hiding their heads in the sand have lifted their heads and can see the light.

Thank you, Debbie.

—  written by Plain Old Thetan

* flak: 1. antiaircraft fire, esp. as experienced by the crews of combat airplanes at which the fire is directed. 2.   criticism; hostile reaction; abuse: Such an unpopular decision is bound to draw a lot of flak from the press. From a 1930’s contraction for the German name of an anti-aircraft artillery gun.

flak storm: “We entered the flak storm over our target and were immediately tossed by the severe turbulence created by the exploding 88-mm flak.” — Our Unforgettable Mission

** Bandini Mountain: the Los-Angeles-area moniker for the pile of manure accumulated outside of the Bandini Fertilizer Company headquarters in Commerce,California.


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M'Laddie  on January 8th, 2012

I had a friend, of 30 years, or so I thought. When I told her, some years ago, of my concern for what Miscavige was doing, and how the CofS was not following LRH, he, being a field auditor for the last 25 years, did his own ‘obnosis’, I guess, and, while representing to me that his observations confirmed what is obvious, said that, nevertheless, not wanting to ‘lose’ all of his friends (other than me, I guess), he was going to do a “Doubt Formula”, which he did. Upon doing that, he ‘returned’ to the CofS, saying he was going to trying to correct the CofS from within. When my other friends, still talking to me, and still connected and in ‘good standing’ with the CofS, asked him how he could, in good conscience, simply jettison a 30 year friendship with someone he knew to be unfailingly loyal to LRH, this fellow, my ‘former’ friend, had nothing to say.

And, now, Debbie Cook has done what he said he was going to do.

I feel sorry for this fellow. I do. He has sacrificed his own integrity and point of view, to march in lock step with a train which left the rails years and years and years ago. A train which he KNEW had left the rails. Let us hope that he will be invited by the personal integrity shown by Debbie Cook, to manifest some of his own. Otherwise, it will likely be several lifetimes, if not universe-cycles, before he is likely to be able to confront his own overts in joining forces with David Miscavige to the dishonor and disgrace of LRH.

Anakin Skywalker  on January 8th, 2012

That is AWESOME, and I’m sure that there will be many similar stories to be told in the near future!

Mary McConnell  on January 9th, 2012

Nothing like a ‘mystery sandwich’, as the old man would say, to get a person to look!Congratulations on helping your friends.

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