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In my first few days of exposure to scientology, I discovered the magical world of mental image pictures and life was never the same again.  Mental image pictures are the recordings that you or someone else has made of events as life moved through time.

Discovering them was almost like going through the looking glass into another world and being let in on a secret that has been around a very long time but was only shared with a fortunate few.

These mental images are always around us and can be found in great abundance where accidents and deaths have occurred. They can contain pain, emotion, sounds, sensations and even smells.

They always come up in auditing and will turn on during the comm course or during the normal events of daily living.  They are recordings that affect your life in more ways than you can believe.

These mental image pictures can have so much force and unconsciousness associated with them that they can direct your actions and even damage your body.

Once you realize that they are there and begin to observe them, you have a chance to actually do something about them and this is where the magic begins.

Every fear you have ever had is associated with one or more of these mental image pictures. Every uncontrollable desire or loathing is driven by these mental image pictures. Every lingering pain, ache, or feeling of sickness is driven by, you guessed it, more of these pictures.

When you are given the means to contact these mental images and erase the energy and emotion contained in them, life changes to the extent that you gain control over the pictures. You quickly realize that you have not been in control of your life and are now free to the extent that you have been able to erase these mental image pictures.

It actually doesn’t take much when you have the right help or the training to do it for yourself.

Auditing is the process of contacting mental image pictures with the help of a trained auditor and erasing them. Training like the comm course or the TRs courses gives you the ability to confront and overcome the effects of mental image pictures even though they are not erased.

For those who have neither training or auditing, the favored recourse seems to be drugs which numb one to the effects of painful mental images. If you ever watch TV, you will notice the continuous stream of ads for drugs to reduce pain, stress, and emotional distress.

As you become more aware of mental image pictures, you see that there are many different messages attached to these pictures and not all are painful.

Some people seem to keep a collection of pictures in their personal space like images in an office cubicle: Important things I have done, pleasure moments, reminders, warnings, etc. These can give you the creeps if you are not ready for them. Here you are talking to someone about the weather and the person has this collection of images like graffitti that are impinging on the edges of your consciousness.

On the other hand, some people and animals seem to use mental image pictures to communicate. Who has not been hard at work in a home office when a picture of a cat dish with food in it breaks your concentration? You look around and there is the cat looking insistent.  Her intention was stronger than yours and her message about food intruded into your concentration on work.

There is an endless number of adventures ahead when you get good at spotting mental image pictures. In a later post, I will cover how we cleared houses of pictures that were so disgusting that  the  houses were unlivable.

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Ryan  on November 29th, 2009

Love your style of writing. It’s kind of an auditing session in itself being able to read a similar view point. Keep up the good work.

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