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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

It’s Your Choice

Are you tired of waiting for the Church of Miscavige to realize that you are Clear?

Out here in the wide open reaches of Independent Scientology, we can help you validate your knowingness in a few short sessions. We use the technology developed before the church went squirrely and you actually get to originate to the auditor and be acknowledged.

We also handle those who are OT and have been sent back on Objectives or Grades or whatever excuse the COM uses to squeeze more money out of you in order to sap your spirit and render you more docile. In most cases we encounter, it takes less than an intensive to handle the effects of the bad auditing you have received from the Church of Miscavige and its robotic GAT auditors.

Yes, you may have agreed to all of that abuse in order to attain the once sought after OT status, but you were handed a bunch of lies in order to suck you dry of every cent you had. Now that you have been cast aside like last year’s Patron Meritorious, you are probably unwilling to ever again expose yourself to abuse in the form of what Miscavige calls Scientology Auditing.

If you are like most cast-off OTs, you are deeply in debt and have less certainty of self than when you completed the Comm Course. This is not surprising because you have been subjected to intense psychological indoctrination based on time-tested techniques inherited from totalitarian cults of the past.

You may have few friends outside the cult and you might have estranged most members of your family during the years you defended the cult that was stripping you of your individuality, but once you decide that you are truly done with the insanity of a church that degrades its members, you can get relief and a new lease on life from independent professional auditors. They deliver services that will unstick you from the wrong indications you have been accepting in order to stay a loyal group member.

If you wish to see what can be done, email me at oldauditor@possiblyhelpfuladvice.com and I will provide answers to all of your questions.  If you wish, I will introduce you to individuals who have received services from me and can give you their viewpoints on the differences between what we deliver and what the COM delivers.

You have spent years pursuing the Miscavige route to oblivion. Give yourself a new start with auditing as it is supposed to be.

David St Lawrence

(Photo credits and inspiration from http://www.dyrmdaily.com for the Flying Dutchman and http://www.jerichoschools.org for Sisyphus)

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