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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

What ever happened to dates?

A long time ago on a planet far, far away, where Scientology was actually known and practiced…

Scientologists, even Scientologists in the Sea Org, knew that Omitting Data was an outpoint. They also knew that Dropping Time was an outpoint.

Since they knew what outpoints were, they could recognize and spot when they were happening.

But in the Golden Age of Altered Everything, one isn’t allowed to see outpoints or correct them anymore.

Back when L. Ron Hubbard ran things each recorded LRH lecture had a lecture number, as documented in HCOB 23 August 1965 ABBREVIATIONS AND SYMBOLS OF DIANETICS AND SCIENTOLOGY.


Up until the Church of Miscavige started producing lectures on CD, each lecture had the lecture number on it.

But now, the lectures of LRH aren’t identified by date. Check out this CD of the same lecture of the same date.


You can’t figure out the date of this lecture by looking at the face of the CD.  You used to be able to figure out the date of a lecture by looking at its box or at the face of its cassette. But you can’t with the CDs.

Now, you’ve got to have both the CD and the transcripts, because the transcripts are the only place you can find the date.

And if you have all your CD clamshells on bookshelves, you can’t figure out what dates are covered by the clamshell:

Yes, the dates are there, but they’re so small as to be unreadable. And given the colors selected, they’re even more unreadable.

I am not going to look for a lecture that I have the date for by dragging a 10x magnifier around my library for an hour and a half.

So I took a P-Touch label maker and put the starting date of the lectures in each clamshell on the edge of the binder.

Now I can locate a lecture by date pretty rapidly if I have the lecture’s  number.

This makes me wonder: if the Prefab Pope Superboy Davey Miscavige so impeccably supervised the production of lectures under the Golden Age of Tech, how is it that the dates disappeared?

After all, it was us “old timers” who depended on the tape numbers in our notes and in our checksheets to find lectures.

Was it a deliberate attempt to make information non-locatable?

Is it some vicious new form of information obfuscation by Davey “The Neutron Bomb” Miscavige?

Is it possible that the lectures were produced on CD for the simple expedient of being sold instead of the sky-high purpose of being used?

It’s another example of “not being piloted” when it comes to Davey Miscavige’s products. If the CD lecture sets had been piloted, this egregious outpoint would have been noted and corrected.

I even KR’d the Omitted Data and Dropped Time when the Congresses were released.

Yet the ACCs were released without dates, too.

So the only conclusion I can come to is that adding outpoints was a deliberate overt on Miscavige’s part.

Even more amusing is that the renovations of orgs like ASHO and AOLA resulted in huge banks of drawers with separators for storing cassettes in date order. It was pretty easy to find (as well as re-file) a lecture in that system. But now, you can’t make a parallel system for CDs. The renovators will have to P-Touch the date onto each CD in order to make such a system. What a waste of time and resources.

If the CDs were produced with the idea of making reference libraries, parishioners could have created reference libraries in their own homes. Without the horrendous waste of precious petroleum-derived plastic.

This is the result of Miscavige’s not being able to see into the future. It’s not very OT.

I can only conclude that the CD lectures were only made to be sold, not to make reference libraries.

I can also imagine that Miscavige has stock in Ikea, since this way of releasing CDs has directly led to volume bookshelf sales in most of the affluent countries of the world.

Or, it could explain the garages and basements filled with LRH lecture sets that are languishing unused.

It’s because they’re unusable.

Nice job, Davey.

— written by Plain Old Thetan


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AnonLover  on February 16th, 2012

Hmmm. Interesting. I had noticed this too while collecting leaked materials but didn’t realize the dates and numbers getting dropped was consistent across everything.

And FWIW – I always figured the dropped info plus title changes was an effort to make it harder to find and compare old versions to newer versions, thus hiding the changes to the tech over the years as best they could.

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