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Fear and Loathing inTucson

Having reported earlier about the hostile takeover of the Tucson Mission, I’ve now gotten reports from a few other brave souls who are objecting to the takeover.

I now have enough information to post an article on this blog about the problem.

Since part of the reports included information that the Church was trying to do something to fix the problem, I thought I’d wait and see what develops.

But the time for waiting has passed.

I’m posting this blog entry to inform the Church that if a resolution of the situation does not appear by LRH’s birthday, I will post the whole gruesome embarrassing story, including naming names of the Church executive who let it occur as well as the foot soldiers in Tucson who orchestrated it.

The Church could have done something about it for the past four months, but hasn’t.

Ostrich-tech (where one can make danger disappear by hiding one’s head in the sand) isn’t part of Scientology.

It’s time for action.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

P.S. I know the Church of Scientology reads this blog. So at this point if it blows up in Miscavige’s face, it will result in some action on those who are supposed to be heading off things that will embarrass the boss. Y’all better tell him right away.

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rebelwarrior  on February 25th, 2012

Ooooooooo boy! I can hardly wait!

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