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Easily Confrontable  :)

I have been writing articles about various aspects of Scientology since I woke up in November 2009 and realized I needed to share my observations about the Church of Scientology. At the same time I launched a research project to learn the actual history of the church of Scientology and of its founder L Ron Hubbard

The more I read, the more I realized that I had been living in a fantasy world for 33 years. What I believed bore little resemblance to what was real and was thoroughly documented. Information from multiple reliable sources on Ron Hubbard’s life and his death showed me beyond all shadow of doubt that there was an incredible duality between what we were being told and what was being done at the highest levels in the church.

I wrote up these articles as I uncovered new and interesting data and they are published sequentially in this blog. But I have discovered that some of these articles are much harder to confront than others, even for tough as nails Sea org members who have recently become independent.

I have seen trained and audited OTs become acutely uncomfortable reading some of the material I had  published because they had not read the supporting information that would have given them certainty.
I don’t want anything to act as a bar to transferring the vital information I have discovered so I am revising the posts on this blog to indicate the level of confront needed to benefit from reading any particular article.

To put this in historical context, here is a Scale of Confront from 1959:



Experience or Participate

Ability to Confront

Elsewhereness (solution is “be elsewhere”)

Invisibility (“it’s just not there”)


Dub-in (puts something else there)

Staff Auditors’ Conference 16 February 1959

I am now tagging the posts on this site to show how suitable they will be for a particular audience and how much confront is needed to assimilate the data. The list will start with the easiest posts to confront:

Easily Confrontable  :)

A comfortable gradient for someone still in the church or just leaving the church. This will include auditing and training wins from early SCN, good times while still in the church, the way things used to be in the good old days in missions and field groups. KRs and Declarations by Scientologists leaving the church.

This category will include solutions that exist in the independent field.

Some Confront Required  :(

Long term abuses by David Miscavige and other execs. The takedown of the Mission Network. Publications like Counterfeit Dreams, Video Interviews of Marty Rathbun, Steve Hall, Mark Headley, Amy Scobee, Helmut Flasch, discussion of the abuses of the RPF, stories of the Ex Scientology Kids, the alteration of tech in delivering the GAT, books like Blown for Good, Abuse at the Top, etc.

Easily absorbed facts: The true stats on auditors made, student completions, David Miscavige revising the church org board, arbitrary sec checks, DM abuse of SO personnel, GAT and how it has affected stats. Diversion of IAS money and Super Power money to Miscavige

Data covered: Programming cases to make money rather than to make the PC more able. Arbitrary revocation of state of Clear by DM. Six month check abuses and what has happened to the upper bridge.

Willing to experience anything?  :-[

This covers all of the facts necessary to fully understand what happened to the church and to prevent it from happening again.
The covers the actual history of church abuses starting with the formation of the Sea Org. Children put in chain lockers. Early Ethics missions to crush the churches into submission. Takeover of the mission network. David Miscaviges rise to power and his relationship to Pat Broeker.  LRH drug use and his final years. David Miscavige alcohol abuse and 2D out ethics. All articles by Larry Brennan, all first hand accounts of LRH after 1960.

Formation of the Church of Spiritual Technology and its structure. Who owns the copyrights to Scn materials? Who has absolute control of the church. What the agreement with the IRS really did to the church.

All of the stories of RPF abuse. Every book exposing the dark underside of the church and Ron Hubbard’s life All of the interviews in Madman or Messiah, A piece of Blue Sky, etc.
A full review of those who were termed “squirrels” or “Suppressives” by the church and what their real accomplishments actually were. David Mayo, Reg Sharp, the early mission holders.

Full disclosure of who developed the technology and how it was appropriated by LRH without attribution: E-meter, Study Tech, NOTS, L&N, Correction Lists…

How you can use these tags

The tags help you approach the material on this site with the proper gradient.

If you are new to the independent field, click on the Easily Confrontable category link on the right sidebar and this will pull up all of the articles that will be easy to assimilate.

Once you have spent time researching on the Internet, you will have a better understanding of the abuses that the CofS is perpetrating on it staff members and public. Click on the Some Confront Required category link to pull up the articles which cover that area.

If you are interested in knowing enough so that you can predict the future of the Church of Scientology, click on the Willing to Experience Everything category link. It may take additional research to fully understand these articles, but  you will be in a position where all secrets have been laid bare and you will understand how the church got into its present state.  I do not suggest reading these posts until you have done enough research to understand the deception you have been working under for many years.

I may add a simple color code to the headline so you can determine the acceptability of the material for your use.

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Fu Dog  on April 13th, 2010

Brilliant idea,thanks! I have found that my own research has followed a sort of gradient scale of confrontingness and when I’ve gone too far too soon I’ve really taken a knock. I’m slowly realising how much of myself I’ve invested in the subject and the truth can be heartbreaking. It really is a truth rundown. Unfortunately, In my case and probably many others,Its done solo.

lunamoth  on April 14th, 2010

Thanks, Old Auditor, for making your site even more useful. Funny that you only started this blog in November of 2009 – that’s when I started looking, and I found you very soon thereafter. One of the first things I noticed about it when I did find it was that here you were caring for people, helping them to ease into the truth. No sugar-coating, but it was gentle. A real auditor’s presence. This latest step is more of that care and help.

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