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Some Questions about Disconnection

We encourage independents to share their experiences and their viewpoints especially when it leads to increasing the reader’s power of choice. This latest post is from our newest contributor Mark Whitehouse.

How much can be done under the justification that ‘it’s the greatest good for the greatest number?’ What scale of destruction and mindlessness can be wrought from knowing that you will ‘make it go right’?

Well we currently are seeing that it can pull down an entire church.

What I fail to understand is how given the nature of Scientology teaching can this happen?

Policy has been misused and cherry picked by Scientologists for a long time. There is so much policy that every policy has a opposite policy that can be used to nullify it. This is no secret. I believe it is impossible to avoid due to our nature. In the past Scientology like countless governments and organised endeavours has issued new policy to repair old policy that was brutally misused, trying to close a loop hole here or gain extra tax revenue there. This has been a draw back in that the scene becomes increasingly complex and more opportunities for misapplication are created whilst the people set to arbitrate drown under paper. Life becomes less and less fair and clever ambitions rise covertly and swiftly.

Take for instance the restatement of disconnection within the Co$. This policy was withdrawn by LRH only to be reinstated by Miscavige later on. This may be the one policy more than any other that brings the church down. The effects of this one policy are enormous creating huge ARC breaks everywhere, splitting up families, friendships and creating such pain and resentment that the reach of Scientology is drastically shortened with the public perception of Scientology ranging from wacky cult to evil and dangerous scam. Disconnection is the primary tool rightly used by Anonymous against the Co$ for good reason. It is a violation of the very spirit and philosophical core that Scientology teaches. My mind boggles that LRH should ever have contemplated its writing in the first instance and I would like to know more about the circumstances that prompted him to write it.

I personally feel that ‘handle or disconnect’ from the ethics book should read simply ‘don’t feed the trolls’ By simply remaining present and open whilst not responding gives pause enough for everything to move and change. The author Eckhart Tolle talks about this passive and flexible approach to conflict and suppression in his book, The power of now.

Give up defining yourself – to yourself or to others. You won’t die. You will come to life. And don’t be concerned with how others define you. When they define you, they are limiting themselves, so it’s their problem. Whenever you interact with people, don’t be there primarily as a function or a role, but as the field of conscious Presence. You can only lose something that you have, but you cannot lose something that you are.”

You see there is no such thing as disconnection because there is no such thing as no communication by disconnecting you are sending a loud and clear message and the nature of that communication creates a motivator, disconnection is an overt act which creates motivators which pulls in more trouble. The person you are disconnecting from gets upset that you have disconnected and in disconnecting you are basically invalidating their ARC for you.

Disconnection = you are not important, you are dangerous, you are an SP, go away!

All of which are absolutes and this stems from a philosophy that teaches there are no absolutes!!!???

Another question I have is how can a Scientologist deeply trained and knowledgeable of the tech and have conceptual understanding of the world from the point of view of the tech allow themselves to commit the overt of disconnection? Every Scientologist has experienced disconnection I am sure possibly on both sides. I have and I ask myself this as I ask it of you. What was it that allowed you to not notice the overt and do it anyway? Did you really believe that the person you disconnected from was now evil? Do you believe that evil actually exists? Did you do it because you feared losing the access to the bridge or despite knowing the tech did you actually think it was the correct action across the dynamics? Was there ‘just cause’ to justify the harm you were creating? Or did you agree?

Upon reflection every mistake I have ever made in life has been to disconnect. Every time I have had to handle it at some point even if it is many years later in session. There is no disconnect. Handle or bury you head in the sand is the truth of it. If people are attacking you let them. They will get tired of it in the end and stop when they see they are having no effect.

If folk are upsetting you learn what it is you are upset about and handle that. Don’t bother handling a person, handle your reaction to the person, otherwise you will forever be going around to the neighbour’s house shouting them to turn the music down. Never allow another to control who you can and cannot communicate with. LRH said “We are alive as we communicate”. When COB seeks to protect Scientologists though his intention that they cut communication with people they love but he says are SPs, COB is actually killing Scientologists and Scientology, shortening reach and cutting comm.

COB is encouraging unconsciousness. Remember for most Scientologists who are banned from looking at the internet freely this renders them unconscious to the internet and therefore is an analogue the reactive mind. For folk who can look freely and take part within the free flow of information the internet is nourishing and healthy, it is a conscious mind and a collective hive of life.

This censorship of the internet to Scientologists is part of a culture of barriers and distinctions that label this and that. PTS/SP tech is seriously flawed to the point of uselessness. Applying it has pushed the person into more PTSness shorter reach and greater vulnerability Look at the state of the Co$ and see the end result of the application of PTS/SP tech. Could Miscavage have done what he has done without the distinctions of SP and the battle cry of KSW?

If I was a mischievous time traveller bend on messing with the church I would sneak the disconnection policy into LRH’s filing cabinet one night. But in the morning it would be spotted as so obviously against core Scientology principals that it would be thrown out derisively.

Yet because LRH wanted it, it was accepted and then later because COB wanted it, it was never questioned and all that individuality taught by LRH to Scientologists since the 50’s is utterly meaningless as Scientology now creates blind sheep. LRH spent his earlier life making rugged individualists who operated at cause able to discern for themselves yet it all boils down to mass hypnosis and coercive mind control spun around unquestioning loyalty, selective application of policy, PTS/SP Tech and KSW bringing into being perversions of the tech itself and the derailing of Scientology’s purpose.

What has allowed this is a Scientologist’s greatest weakness, is this total faith in LRH and later COB. This is not a critique of LRH but it is to highlight the utter blindness around how he is regarded and how exploitable that has become.

I feel you should never blindly respect a leader ever. If you follow a leader you are creating in their game at the expense of your own. History is full of leaders destroying people for their ends and justifications. LRH talks of it many times. Evaluate and walk along side by all means contributing from a position of consent and awareness but do not follow. There is no need to follow anything but your own knowingness. It is possible to be individuals working together.

Mark Whitehouse

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Bruce Pratt  on March 13th, 2012

Thank you for the essay. Fascinating. Good points on the whole concept of disconnection.

Jim Logan did what I think is a fascinating essay on the matter. It can be found at: http://www.scientology-cult.com/3d-engram.html.

I have here part of his own later comment on this essay: “One other thing I do want to make clear on this long, long essay I’ve written (sorry it’s so long but I wanted to get the data across) and that’s the fact that ‘handle or disconnect’ as an LRH datum, was never cancelled. Disconnection as valid tool of sorting out a real PTS connection to an SP, (or as an inalienable right of every being to give or receive communication when they themselves desire it, or not) was and remains a valid tool. The materials need to be studied, that’s exactly what LRH states in the Educating The Potential Trouble Source HCOB of 31 Dec 78”

Even our host here, Old Auditor, has a few comments.

Keep writing, sir.

Anakin skywalker  on March 14th, 2012

Excellent, excellent post! Well said!

I shal pass this on in the hope that it snaps others out of their fog!

Mark W  on March 14th, 2012

Thanks Bruce and Anakin.

Thanks for the link to that fantastic article by Jim Logan

My thoughts are the problem is deeper than what Miscavage has tacked upon PTS/SP tech. I recon There is a small but crucial error in the way an SP is described that renders PTS/SP tech exploitable. This is my opinion here. I feel There is no such thing as a suppressive person. there is only suppressive behavior.

I believe a person is not their behavior.

By failing to clearly put across this distinction abuses and misunderstandings are all too easy in the same way as bad code within small program fouls up the workings of the whole computer. It becomes exploitable, a weak spot for hackers to target. In this case Miscavge to pervert.

IMO PTS/SP techs usefulness is outweighed by the sheer amount of destructive injustice that flows from its misapplication.

Handle yes, handle or disconnect no. Experience in life has taught me that disconnection is impossible to achieve without negating your own freedom as a being. Disconnection is an overt, saying its ok cause they are an SP is a justification.

One can always withdraw and regroup but that’s not disconnection as the intention is to handle. In the end somewhere and somehow the connection that has always been there all along outside of blinkered view will come to light. There is no disconnection.

I will keep writing, thanks again.

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