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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Why I audit

I started my independent practice several years ago to help staff and public recover from the ravages of  life in Scientology. So many thousands of dedicated people have given the most productive years of their lives to this brutal cult that it has become a tragedy of great magnitude. There are not enough independent auditors to scratch the surface of this backlog at this point in time.

I created a system for delivering services over the Internet so that my pcs could get services anywhere on the globe that has high speed internet service. Scientology is behind the curve on this matter since other counseling services have been practiced online for years. We have only a handful of auditors who have embraced the challenge of overcoming the barriers of space and time to help their preclears.

In the early writings and speeches by LRH, he painted a bright vista of a world in which auditors could think for themselves and should audit the pc in front of them.

I have returned to these early materials again and again to make them my own and to extrapolate from them the answers to questions never answered by the corporate church of Scientology.

As a result, I am receiving letters like this which inspire me to step up my efforts:

Eileen Clark

March 13, 2012

It is important to recognize rightness to validate when something has been done well. David St Lawrence has audited me many times over the past months and I would like to say how much I appreciate his care and how smoothly he has brought me to this current state of being.

When we started I was a mess emotionally, physically and mentally. Now, I am doing well enough physically to live on my own, to take care of myself and my space with little assistance. I started a ceramics class today and will be taking watercolor classes soon. Last year I took up needlework again. It has been over three decades since I have attempted to do anything artistic. While in the Sea Org, I was ridiculed and criticized for wanting to do needlework, it was “other fish to fry”…if I had time to do that then I should be studying LRH. It actually took me some time to get over feeling guilty when I wanted to do something pleasurable and creative. Now, my creative juices are flowing!

When we started, I was in Anger and Resentment socially most of the time, when I wasn’t in Grief. It was difficult for me to have a discussion about anything without getting misemotional, but especially charged subjects like religion and politics. I was difficult to be around because I was so prickly, I was in pain emotionally and physically. David was so gentle and so caring with me, I could never be misemotional with him, he just always made me feel better, simply by talking with me over Skype.

He ever so gently, but positively, moved me into session that each time we spoke, I got rid of charge, it was gone. I became stronger, I became more myself, ever so slowly but surely, to the point where I was ready to actually go into a formal session.

It took me awhile to accept the idea of being in session on Skype, over the internet. After the first trial session, I realized that I had simply gone into session and the only distractions were like those in any other session, like when you have to blow your nose or turn the page of the book, things like that. At the end of the session, I was amazed at how simple and effective it had been, just as if David had been right there in the room with me. It takes a very high ARC auditor, I am sure, to audit like this. It would not be workable for everyone, pc or auditor. However, the overriding priority is to AUDIT. I was not able to travel. I was not financially able to pay David to come to me. This set up is workable in that regard. I am ever so grateful that David was willing and able to audit me under such conditions. My life is improved, my health has improved, my spiritual state is hugely improved and I am looking forward to the future, which I was not doing before.

LRH didn’t have the view that things had to be perfect, it just needs to be workable. My wins and gains from sessions are evidence that auditing over the internet works, it would be great to be in the same place as my auditor, but if that is not feasible, then this is the preferred alternative to no auditing at all.

Thank you, David, from the bottom of my heart, for caring enough to help me, without question, for making it possible for auditing to occur despite all barriers.

Love you,


I love you too, Eileen.
Your wins make all of my years of training worthwhile.

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Lise  on March 15th, 2012

Wow!!…That brought a tear of joy to my eye. What wonderful success story and a beautiful validation for your auditor Eileen. I hope you have many great sessions in the future…Love Lise

Scott of Many Vistas  on March 27th, 2012


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