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I would like people to see how much improvement I am experiencing since last July when I went to to the Independence Celebration in Texas. I welcomed the chance to reconnect with so many others even though I was recovering from another heart problem at that time.

It was good to see how the other independents were flourishing and they made me feel welcome although I was not doing well physically.

The most successful part of my recovery since then was due to my sessions.

I had been refused auditing during the last two years of my Sea org career and my physical condition had just kept deteriorating. I was routed out in a wheelchair. Despite everything I tried to do, I just wasn’t surviving up to the point where I ended up living in a small motel in Angel’s Camp, California.

I called David and the rest is history. A friend George who is still under the radar saved my life by providing funds for me to move to Deer Lake Washington. Les and Anita welcomed me and offered me the chance to get trained as a word clearer, unfortunately my physical condition prevented me from taking full advantage of their offer as I went back into the hospital again.

One of Les and Anita’s public brought me to his home in Nevada where I could recover. He and his wife looked after me during my long months of recovery. I received auditing there from David over the Internet and things gradiently got better.

I have now been able to move out on my own again and I live on the Sunshine Mountain Ranch  where I have a huge apartment over the garage. I have views of mountains on all sides and I can watch horses and  sheep dogs being trained. On the other side, I watch hawks hunting and an occasional eagle.

I would love to hear from more of my old friends. Having made the transition from Sea Org life to fully independent, I would be glad to help any others who are worried about making that transition themselves.

Eileen Clark

[email protected]

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Centurion  on March 15th, 2012

Hi Eileen,

I never knew you, but I have to say that I am very happy that you are recovering from your abuse at the hands of the Sea Org gangsters who are run by DM and his hooligans.

It is an outright shame that a billion dollars sits in IAS bank accounts, yet staff, who dedicate their lives to supporting LRH are tossed aside like so much garbage when they should be enjoying top care for their dedication.

I am very glad you made your way to David’s care. I wish you the very best.

lookingin  on March 15th, 2012

Hi Eileen, So happy to hear about your progress. For those who don’t know Eileen, she is a one of the sweetest caringest people I ever met from the Sea Org. As they say. she is the “real deal”. Thanks David for helping. ML, Mike PS I will send you a private email over the weekend.

Eileen Clark  on March 16th, 2012

Thank you for your very kind words. Too many veteran Sea Org Members were treated badly by the DM regime. I will say that when Debbie Cook ran FSO she had very different ideas about how to care for staff, she would personally step in and handle something not being dealt with correctly when she heard about such things. But mostly staff received the medical attention and care they needed. The only exceptions to that were those instances when DM took a personal interest in the person or someone who wanted to impress him would block , as in what happened with Claire Reppen, Alain Kartuzinkski and others. Then there were all the vets who were considered to be a medical threat because of what was happening with the McPherson case and were sent off the FLB to other SO bases around the world. As I fit into that category it was a convenient way to get rid of me from the Base in addition to a blown out of proportion trumped up ethics charge. I was actually relieved to leave the FLB as it had turned into a really ugly and unsafe place by late 2000-early 2001. I should have simply asked to route out at that time, but it took 7 more years in PAC for them to finally get rid of me after I almost died on them, which was a big flap. Now, 4-1/2 years later, it is simply another part of my journey to me, thanks to my many true friends.

Eileen Clark  on March 16th, 2012

I left out a part of the sentence…{or someone who wanted to impress him would block} the good intentioned correct actions of staff on the behalf of ill staff members.

Eileen Clark  on March 16th, 2012

I look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks for the good PR…:-)
l, eileen

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