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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult


As promised here, and here, this is the first installment of the tale of the hostile takeover of the Tucson Mission.

And as promised, I gave the “Church” plenty of time to deal with the situation before I posted the summarized reports about the Tucson situation. LRH’s birthday has come and gone at the Class V orgs so it’s time to come through on my pledge.

Since the Church didn’t do anything to effectively deal with the situation in Tucson, I was left no option but to intentionally expose the dramatis personae involved with the situation.

Just so you know who are the players, but in order to try to keep the identities of the innocent obscured, the innocent will be referred to by first name and initial only. The identified SPs will be referred to by their full names.

I can relate this tale of woe and horror having pieced together reports that have dribbled out of the Tucson field.

It was necessary because a few SPs created a ring of thuggery that unmocked the Tucson Mission and its predecessor Field Group.

And even though the Phoenix Org was given reams of reports on this situation, a solution has not materialized. Which shows at least four things: 1) the Church of Scientology is ineffective at creating an environment that is safe for the delivery of Scientology; 2) that suppressive persons can learn enough Scientology to use it suppressively; 3) that the Church moves slower than a slug when it comes to using the PTS/SP tech to shatter suppression that is actually destroying orgs; 4) that SPs are able to slip through and onto Clear and upper levels without detection and correction. (More on (4) in Part 2.)


Part 1   The Sharks Circle

In the early 2000s a Dianetics/Scientology Group existed in Tucson, Arizona. This group was apparently founded by David Nagoda.

Many Tucson-area Scientologists were located and invited to join, even though the purpose of the group was somewhat vague.

At some point it became obvious that the purpose of the group was to give David Nagoda something to control…as in bad control…and a difference of opinions developed between Julianne B. and David Nagoda. This conflict was inevitable as Julianne B. was ex-S.O. and had been an executive at Flag, and David Nagoda carries himself with  an air of self-righteous know-best most of the time. He also claims to know tech and policy but when asked for a reference, all David Nagoda gives is a repeat of his self-serving opinion rather than a reference.

David Nagoda didn’t have the confront and courage and auditor skills to resolve the conflict in a straightforward fashion, so he went to individual members of the Tucson Scientology Group and third-partied Julianne B. to the more malleable members of the group by saying she was an SP and that the individual members of the Tucson Scientology Group had to disconnect from the “SP” Julianne B.

As could be predicted, some people acceded to the puppet master David Nagoda’s influence and actually wrote disconnection letters to Julianne B.

Others refused to thumb-under to David Nagoda and when Ray A. formed up a Mission in Tucson in 2004, the more steadfast Scientologists allied themselves with the Mission.

Since the malleable group members had disconnected from Julianne B. and Julianne B. had nowhere else to go but the Tucson Mission, the Tucson Scientology Group dissolved.

The Mission, run under Mission Holder Ray A., did “okay” but for sure was not plagued with the manipulative back-stabbing actions of David Nagoda.

David Nagoda did come once (1 time only) to a Sunday Service at the Tucson Mission and offered to do Sunday Services. The Minister he spoke with about this, John J., told David Nagoda it could be arranged but it would depend on his participation in the group and how the group got along with him. It was suggested that David Nagoda came to Sunday Service regularly for a month or two and then bring up the subject again.

This was the first sign that David Nagodas service facsimiles hadn’t been located and run out.

David Nagoda left and didn’t return to Ray A.’s Tucson Mission. When this was noted to the remaining Scientologists, someone from the old Tucson Scientology group responded “Yeah, he doesn’t want to contribute to a group he’s not the boss of”.

David Nagoda and his wife Joy Nagoda effectively boycotted the Tucson Mission and didn’t show up or participate in the Mission’s activities for several years.

Then Ray A. abruptly closed the Mission one day, effectively blowing the post. The materiel of the Mission was moved out of the building that Ray A. had put up for sale. Much of the property was stored at the homes of the local Scientologists.

Julianne B. took it on herself to locate new mission premises. Bryant N. the course supervisor continued to hold course in the house he shared with his wife Janet N. for several months while the new premises were secured.  John J. also delivered Sunday Services in Bryant N.’s living room. John J. also continued to put out the Mission’s newsletter, another volunteer action, paying for its printing and postage out of his own pocket.

Julianne B. found a small space at 1703 E. Ft. Lowell Rd in Tucson and organized the local Scientologists to renovate the old saddle shop into a condition where it could be used as a Mission.

She also organized the local Scientologists into a crew that could retrieve the old Mission contents from the Scientologists’ garages, storage sheds, and carports.  This was about 2007. The Mission was now up and running for courseroom delivery.

Ray A. returned in about 2009 only long enough to get a sauna kit installed on the premises near an outdoor shower.

In all this time and during all this work, David Nagoda and Joy Nagoda remained conspicuously MIA.

The other Scientologists had formed a core group which dedicated themselves to keeping the Mission operational.

After the Mission opened at the new address, Julianne B. managed to get David Nagoda and Joy Nagoda to return to the mission, but they didn’t last long. After a few weeks’ work, they disappeared again.

The rest of the core group remained. People came and went, but there was still a core group.

Once when David Nagoda did drop by the Mission he was asked how his auditing at ASHO was going. David Nagoda grumbled and said he’d stopped his NED because he’d “gone Clear and those morons at ASHO didn’t believe” him. He accused ASHO of out-tech but could not detail what it was or what reports he’d written about it.

This was the second sign that David Nagoda’s service facsimiles hadn’t been located and run out.

The next time was when David Nagoda was covering the Mission courseroom (he claimed to be a trained course supervisor) but Julianne B. observed him doing things other than covering the courseroom, like fiddling on a laptop or talking on a cellphone. Julianne B. wrote a cram on him to get this corrected but he refused to do it.

Apparently the oppterming between Julianne B. and David Nagoda which began with the earlier Tucson Group was still going on.

That was the third sign that David Nagoda’s service facsimiles hadn’t been located and run out.


Here’s the applicable LRH references to understanding the situation so far.

The service facsimile is in actual fact the two top reliable items of the last (present time) pc’s actual Goals Problem Mass.” HCOB 28 September 1963 ACTUAL GOALS.

Since David Nagoda has a history of using the power and control of an org over others to defend himself, he can be seen to be a suppressive person as LRH says in HCO PL 1 October 67 USES OF ORGS.


And since David Nagoda fits into this mold: 7. THEY ARE INVOLVED IN WARFARE, WITH CONFLICTS AROUND THEM WHICH ARE INVISIBLE TO OTHERS. ONE WONDERS HOW THEY CAN BE SO INVOLVED OR GET SO INVOLVED IN SO MUCH HOSTILITY, one can easily suspect that David Nagoda fits the characteristics that LRH describes in HCOB 28 November 70 C/S Series 22 PSYCHOSIS.

And of course, LRH says in HCOPL 7 Apr 69 ORG REDUCTION OR ERADICATION, “There are several ways an org can be collapsed or closed…18. Use ethics suppressively.

Finally, David Nagoda’s natter about ASHO indicates they missed big-time withholds on him.


Stay tuned for the next installment of Fear and Loathing in Tucson Mission (Part 2) Good-Intentioned Scientologists Get Hung From The Yardarm.

— reported by Plain Old Thetan

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Centurion  on March 19th, 2012

Dave and Joy Nagoda….now there are two names from the past.

I can concur that my experience was almost the same when I worked with them at Sterling. Dave was cold, stand-offish. Joy was a bit nicer, but not by much. I never had and still do not have anything against them.

I hope they work out their ethics sit. Life is just a mess when you are in lowers. I learned that once I got out of them and looked back.

Great article. I look forward to more.

rebelwarrior  on March 19th, 2012

THIS is what I’ve been waiting weeks for!! Thanks for this first part. Looking forward to the rest on the edge of my seat!

Was Ray A. out of the country during that time? Was he still considered the Mission holder? Was Julianne B. considered the volunteer ED at that time?

Did the Phoenix org have their nose in this during this time period?

plainoldthetan  on March 27th, 2012

Rebelwarrior: Wow. you seem hooked in to the situation in Tucson. Ray A. was in Tucson and was in (ineffective) training to be Mission Holder in Tucson and effentually got the Mission Franchise during Part 1 of this missive. Juliane B. wasn’t considered the volunteer ED until after Ray A. closed down the Mission and disappeared into Colombia and Clearwater and parts beyond. In fact, it was Julianne B.’s departure from Tucson that was the trigger of the histrionics in Part 2.

Stay tuned.

rebelwarrior  on March 27th, 2012

Ooooooo!!!!!!!! (Rubbing hands together) JB’s departure from Tucson…..hmmmm. On the edge of my seat!

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