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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

Village Voice gets the skinny on CST

One of the more secretive and mysterious aspects of Scientology mega-empire is the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST).

As recorded in Wikipedia, “[...] CST [...] is an autonomous church of the Scientology religion outside of the international Scientology ecclesiastical hierarchy. CST conducts an extensive program of activities to preserve and archive the Scientology Scriptures for use by future generations. CST also owns the option to acquire RTC’s rights to the Scientology advance[d] technology and religious marks under three narrowly defined sets of circumstances, each of which contemplates a serious threat to continued existence of the religion. CST is the principal beneficiary of Mr. Hubbard’s estate, provided that it obtains recognition of its tax-exempt status. [...]”

Wow. So CST is a pawn in the behind-the-scenes power game keeping Miscavige ensconced in the popeship of Scientology.

And apparently it’s all predicated on having “tax-exempt status”.

If you read the article, you’ll find out what the CST is doing and what it is for.

It’s for maintaining LRH technology…for that unspecified time in the future after the Earth is invaded by aliens or a giant nuclear conflagration wipes out civilization.

Note that the Church and its arms apparently don’t maintain underground complexes like Cheyenne Mountain or Project Greek Island.

So apparently the Church is totally willing to let the Church Management and infrastructure (including Ideal Orgs) to vanish in a rain of atomic fire.

And I’m guessing the Church is totally willing to allow aliens to destroy the Earth and its inhabitants…the important inhabitants being Church management…just as long as when the Earth gets repopulated, it gets repopulated with English-speaking and English-reading aliens who are willing to come to their senses and see that Scientology technology…as modified and mutated by David Miscavige…is the road to their salvation.

Does anyone remember Dr. Strangelove?

If there’s any way the U.S. population came to think of Scientology as dangerous and untrustworthy, it has to be because they’ve seen Dr. Strangelove and read the dribbled-out facts and pseudo-facts regarding the CST.

You really should read the Village Voice’s exposé of the CST here.  Then decide for yourself.

After you’ve read it, let me ask this. If your next-door neighbor started digging a huge trench in his yard in order to hide his photo albums and blog printouts from aliens, communists, and nuclear war, would you let your kids play with his kids?


So why does Miscavige think that an increasing number of humanoids will want to play with Miscavige?

— written by Plain Old Thetan


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