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Sharing Knowledge – the risks and the rewards

We know when knowledge is kept secret, there is a natural desire by some to see that it is shared for the betterment of society.

When we share knowledge of a spiritual nature, there are several things that happen immediately:

1. Some of those who “discovered” it get furious that it is being shared without them getting credit and a piece of the action.

2. Others believe that this knowledge is so powerful that only a select group of initiates should have access to this data.

3. Others, of a “do gooder” nature want to protect people from being hurt by knowing this information.

4. There are those who will attack anything that shakes their stable data.

5. Others spread the information far and wide

As time goes on, several other things happen:

People in Group #1 will attempt to use legal means to put a cap on the dissemination and use of this knowledge. The management of the Church of Scientology has a long history of this behavior.

People in Group #2 and Group #3 will mount all sorts of disinformation campaigns to get others from looking at the data or using it.

People in Group #4 will attack the data using satire and scorn or will write scolding comments to blogs that share such data.

People in Group #5 may start using the data and create their own versions

Unfortunately when the subject is spiritual entities, this data has been available for thousands of years and almost every culture has traditions for recognizing and handling them. The church of Scientology frowns on any discussion of spiritual activity or personal gains from auditing. In the independent field there is a much more enlightened view of the need to discuss these topics openly.

Even so, a discussion of personal wins and the properties and behavior of spiritual entities can quickly exceed the reality levels of the average listener.

Does that mean we should not share our hard won spiritual knowledge? I believe that spiritual knowledge is like fire, it transforms what it touches and the results depend on what use it is put to. I do not feel that ignorance is a safe position to hold.


For an extended discussion of this topic go to:  http://workabletechnology.com/?p=395

Comments regarding entities and the extended topic should be made on the Workable Technology site.

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OldAuditor  on April 1st, 2012

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aotc  on April 4th, 2012

Hi Old Auditor,

What is your opinion of the entities case? Is it as LRH thought? I’d be very interested in you opinion on this.

Old Auditor: thanks for your comment. I have responded in the comments section of the extended article on Workable Technology.

Crane  on June 15th, 2012

Here is someone from the world of science that agrees wholeheartedly with you ” knowledge is like fire, it transforms what it touches”


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