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Final Refund/Repayment Summary

I regret that I can no longer provide individual advice to those seeking repayments from the Church of Scientology. My auditing practice has grown to the point that it consumes all my available time. You may wish to form a Facebook group or put up a central website to collect new data as it appears.

I have listed here all posts I have published regarding repayments and refunds. Most of the data is fairly current, but the situation is changing every week as the Church of Scientology falls further away from LRH policy on refunds and repayments. I have also included an excerpt from the COS Tax Compliance manual.

The current position held by the Flag Service Organization is that your donations do not go into an account and you absolutely must do a routing form which means that you return to the org and subject yourself to grueling and abusive interviews. Read “How can you tell when a Sea Org member is lying?” for details.

My final advice to those who are asking for repayments of unused money is to read every one of the links I have included and then search ESMB for threads covering repayments and refunds. Get fully informed and follow advice from those who are still getting repayments.

I feel that the church will do everything possible to stall making repayments and you may have to plan on getting legal representation. There are lawyers who have succeeded against the church’s legal team and you will find their names on ESMB.

For those who are still trying to find ways to get their money back without being declared, that is a complete waste of time. You should expect to be declared as soon as you write the first email to your org chaplain.

The church has fallen on hard times and the orgs are not making enough money to pay you out of current income. How do I know that? Most of the staff are moonlighting to make ends meet.

Your requests for repayment are not a lost effort. Every email is a warning to those who are still on staff. Like cardboard in a rainstorm, the church’s haughty indifference will be eroded by parishioner’s requests.

You are welcome to share successful actions and to share these notes freely.

How can you tell when a Sea Org member is lying?

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The following image is an excerpt from the Tax Compliance Manual of the COS written to comply with the SCN-IRS agreement dated 1993.  By the church’s own policy. the repayment must be handled within 6 weeks to be counted as a rudiment that is in.

Here is the original LRH Refund Policy:

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DMSTCC  on April 5th, 2012

Are new members shown this policy before they sign up? Even the “original LRH Refund Policy” is disgusting. How can anyone approve of this outright violation of a person’s rights?

IMO – This line is a quite scary:
“It is very important to acquaint the person asking for a refund or repayment with the condition of receiving his money.”

>>acquaint the person<>the condition of receiving his money<<

This has got to resonate to the many that have been fair gamed from the effect. Is this when the lawyers took over?

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