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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

For those of you who didn’t get our mailing…

Easily Confrontable :)

Gretchen and I got our “official secret declare” from a friend of a friend who is on lines at Flag.

Since we aren’t into secrets, we shared it with every scientologist we care about.
Because many of them are still under the radar, I blind copied them so they can remain anonymous.
I am publishing this copy as proof that we have finally earned recognition from the CofS as  official dissidents.

——– Original Message ——–
Subject: We have interesting news…

From: David St Lawrence
Date: Sun, April 18, 2010 3:06 am
To: Our old friends

Dear All,

The CofS is telling our friends and friends of our friends that Gretchen and I are declared.

We don’t have a copy of the declare and there does not seem to be any goldenrod out, but we thought we would let you know in case you still cared what the CofS and OSA are doing these days.

I had expected that I would get my own declare, but it seems that the church is experiencing so much volume in this area that they are issuing group declares on parishioners who assert their independence from the church and its human rights issues..

Too timid to send us a copy, the CofS seem to be using the unpublished information to warn those who might be persuaded to visit my websites or who might be communicating with us.

I don’t have a formal list of the crimes yet, because the declare is secret you  know, but the list sounds suspiciously like those that Ron mentioned many years ago:

  • Being there and communicating
  • Observing and communicating about what we observed
  • Refusing to support a group that no longer deserved our allegiance
  • and worst of all…
  • Asking for the return of our unused money on account

Since disconnection is no longer practiced by the church according to Tommy Davis and church lawyers, you are free to  communicate with us as you see fit and to join us for lunch if you are in the area.

Our phone numbers and email are the same and I have a Skype Video connection for face to face communication when you call:  davidstlawrence-oldauditor

Warmest regards,

David and Gretchen St Lawrence

Gretchen’s website:           Art by Gretchen http://gretchenstlawrencestudio.com/

David’s websites:               Making Ripples making-ripples.com

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We have already received some interesting responses. One from Marty made my day and prompted this post:

David and Gretchen,

Congratulations for making the STASI list. Yeah, they won’t publish any declares, not mine either. Their representatives have told some that they won’t do it as are afraid we’ll “make fun” of them on the “internet.”  Go figure.


Make fun of them on the Internet? It boggles the mind…

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John Doe  on April 18th, 2010

“Make fun of them on the Internet? It boggles the mind…”

Wow. Well…okay. Give me a second here, it’s been awhile. Okay. [ahem] Okay, here we go:

Neener neener neee-ner!

Paul Adams  on April 18th, 2010

“Make fun of them”? How about “Sue them for libel”?! :)


Marta  on April 18th, 2010

Make fun of them? Damn, they’re on to us! Formidable enemies that we are.

plainoldthetan  on April 18th, 2010

I have been wondering for about a year what stats prove the “massive expansion” and “screaming upward stats” that Tommy Davis and DM can point to to prove they’re right.

It’s been staring me in the face all year.

It’s Number Of Pointless Declares (NPD) and Repayment Dollars Lost (RDL)…

And Number of Scientologists who have finally come to their senses (NOSWHFCTTS).

VWD on the stat management to David Miscavige and OSA.

Straight up and vertical!

Tom  on April 19th, 2010

LOL. You mean like this:

“I don’t want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries…..now go away or I shall taunt you a second time. “

lunamoth  on April 20th, 2010

I see the confusion: you guys report on the church’s actions, then the public is disgusted and
holds the church in contempt, the church feels humiliated, and it’s all your fault!

Yeah, cut that out, will ya? You’re making it hard for them to get away with sh*t!

Seriously, (well, sort of) David and Gretchen, I figure you’re above being too affected by such idiocy as the Wrong Indication Declare, but I want to take this opportunity to again thank you sincerely for all you do, all the compassion, the patience, the wisdom and the plain persistence. You have probably helped more people in the last year than the entire c of s has honestly helped in twice that time.

I think another reason the church no longer publishes the goldenrod is that people were starting to recognize the “suppressive acts” they
(falsely) accused others of as the church’s own crimes.

Oh, wait, was that “making fun” of the church? Because it WAS kinda fun for me…

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