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Debbie Cook’s court case settles

25 April 2012 — This article has been updated since its first posting yesterday. It turned out that not all the news was in about the settlement. Marty’s latest post on the settlement is here.

 The big news today is that the Radical Corporate Church of Scientology settled with Debbie Cook and her legal team.

Marty posted on his blog about the conclusion of the case here.

Note that the settlement details remain unrevealed, except for the simple fact that the Church has apparently concluded its punitive pursuit of Debbie and her husband.

It’s obvious to me that the Church (even with its hired-gun undercover constitutional scholars) decided that the maneuvering being done by Debbie’s lawyers was going to require that Miscavige reveal so much damning evidence that the best advice that Miscavige could be given was to force a settlement.

The ever-alert Tony Ortega over at The Village Voice wasted no time in capitalizing on the announcement. He has also posted some updates to his article since his original post.

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