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Special Briefing from the IAS to WISE employees

One of our readers works for a WISE company and received this “incredible” news from an IAS registrar who ambushed the employees during a recent weekly meeting.

We are bringing you this “special briefing” exactly as it was delivered to these gullible WISE employees.

Inglewood has had 5000 new public walk-ins since it opened and already filling up!

COB is fantastic! He did the Briefing Course when he was 11 and is really highly tech trained!

GAT II is about to launch making it 10 times faster to get to clear!

More AO’s are on the way with a 130000 sq. ft. AO in Taiwan!

A new hush hush AO will be opening in Russia and more!

Ideal Orgs are coming for Criminon, Narconon, Way To Happiness, CCHR and Applied Scholastics are being set up in Washington, D.C. with Class VIII PRs getting trained to handle the world!

Those of us who are not hooked up to the Kool-Aid dispensers will have trouble following this insanity, but our informant says the IAS Reg just expected everyone to believe it and most probably did.

Has anyone else been hearing news like this?

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robthomas  on April 26th, 2012

When I worked at David Singer Enterprises we were constantly visited by IAS regges and FLAG bots for regging during staff meetings. We were regged on everyhting from donos to courses.

Centurion  on April 26th, 2012

COB is highly tech trained????

GAT II????

I remember being hounded at my WISE place of employment for an annual IAS payment. Deep inside my being I started to realize that something was very wrong with all this.

I eventually found out I was right.

plainoldthetan  on April 26th, 2012

This is more of David Miscavige’s continued obsessive application of Hitler’s Big Lie technique.


The apparency is that every time someone outside the “church” exposes some claim of Miscavige’s as a big ole fat friggin’ lie, the lies coming out of the church PR machine get bigger and bigger.

The peculiar thing about the big lie is that Hitler explained in Mein Kampf, yet used it to grab hold of an entire country!

After watching the 2012 LRH Birthday event, you’d actually believe that “planetary clearing” was actually occurring.

Many people now believe “the Hole” doesn’t exist. Note that the church said “the Hole doesn’t exist”, never that “the Hole didn’t exist”. Another one of Miscavige’s big lies.

“Explosive expansion” doesn’t exist. No matter how many empty delivery facilities Miscavige extorts from parishioners.

When the Church starts posting the events on a website where you can look at them at your own pace; when the Church allows you to watch the events in the privacy of your own home where no one can see you not clap like a trained sea lion; when the Church posts the real stats on a website that you can view and perform analysis on; only then will the Big Lies cease to exist in Scientology, Inc.

plainoldthetan  on April 26th, 2012

And, like the Writers of the Future contest, this incident shows that the Church’s highly-touted claim that there’s a firewall between Scientology, Inc. and businesses using LRH Admin tech is just another Big Lie.

Bruce Pratt  on April 26th, 2012


We are, what, 25 days past the last Apr 1, and 340 from the next.

This is for real? It is, uh, horsehocky.

BBSox  on April 27th, 2012

Right. Very funny.

Penny  on April 28th, 2012

Apparently COB has now gone from delusional to halucinatory cause. So glad to be out of THAT trap!

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