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The Theta Meter Nano, Smallest E-Meter in the World

When you are ready to trade up, this is the e-meter you should consider.

You can put away your old Mark V, VI or VII because now  you can get superior performance from a pc-based Theta Meter Nano no bigger than a thumb drive. I have been testing it for months and it has amazing power in a small package.

The Theta Meter Nano is a true 21st Century all digital e-meter which does not have to be re-certified and adjusted like earlier analog meters with mechanical meter movements.

The Theta Meter Nano is the latest product from Theta Meter http://eng.theta-meter.com

It is a pc-based e-meter which runs on a Windows 7  pc.  It provides all of the functionality of a standard analog e-meter such as the Mark Super VII with additional features like auto reset and a graphical interface which captures every needle movement.

Its graphical time-based display provides a 20 second history of every needle motion and thus gives auditors and solo auditors increased certainty that they can spot and handle areas of charge.

The Theta nano costs $600 without cans and the performance is  the same as the original Theta Meter which  is described here: http://possiblyhelpfuladvice.com/?p=5295

This is the Theta Meter Nano at work. You can see the graphical display below the meter dial.

I am the US Distributor and have Nanos in stock ready to ship alone or with solo cans. I provide a free setup session when you receive your meter and I handle any service requests.

Cans and solo cans come complete with special cable to connect to the Theta Meter Nano. The cans cost $75.

Shipping in the USA is done via Insured Priority Mail and costs $15

You can send me an email at oldauditor@possiblyhelpfuladvice.com for more information.

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OldAuditor  on April 29th, 2012

Reading a conventional e-meter is a constant challenge. If you take your eye off the needle to actually look at the preclear, you run the definite possibility of missing reads. If you keep your eyes glued to the meter dial in an effort to catch every twitch of the needle, you will eventually upset your preclear and he will go out of session.

Well trained auditors have addressed this problem for years by keeping a wide field of view so that they see the pc, the meter and the worksheets with a single glance. In a real world auditing situation, auditor fatigue and unexpected pc originations can cause an auditor to miss important reads and even fleeting floating needles.

These 21st century meters record EVERY movement of the needle and shows that movement for up to a minute depending on the meter you choose. After using one of these meters for a few days, you will discover that they capture reads you have never seen before. If you are a solo auditor, you will discover that these meters pick up every disagreement your entities have with you and your auditing. It opens the door to a whole new look at what is happening in session.

Read “How to improve your auditing with a 21st Century meter” http://possiblyhelpfuladvice.com/?p=5631

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