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Whoops! Someone in Scientology, Inc. exposes Miscavige’s delusions and lies


Wouldn’t you know it?

In the week that I start pointing out Miscavige’s failure to produce products, I get issue 222 of Source magazine in the mail.

Right there on page 4 is a sidebar article that inadvertently shows how much Miscavige has been lying about “expansion”.

On its surface, it seems like good news. But if you even think about it a little bit, it shows Miscavige’s “explosive expansion” for the tenuous disingenuousness that it really is.

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I know some of you are saying to yourself, “What? 35 clears? Highest ever? What is Plain Old Thetan complaining about? Is he nagging a rise?*”

Yes, I am.

Is 35 Clears in one month quantity? Is it viability?  And when compared to Miscavige’s pompous claims of “planetary clearing” is it the “correct order of magnitude”!

So someone inadvertently let us in on the production at Flag. It’s essentially one Clear a day.

Let’s run this through my sniff-tester.

World population is estimated at 7 billion. If Flag clears one person a day, that’s 19 million years to accomplish Planetary Clearing.


Well, let’s try it this way.  Flag once claimed to deliver ten times the auditing to ten times as many preclears as any other org.

So if there’s 160 Ideal Orgs, those Idle orgs will pump out 3 Clears per month. That’s 480 Clears per month. 480+35 is 515 Clears per month if we include Flag.

That’s better; we’re down to 1.2 million years to accomplish Planetary Clearing.

Let’s see. How can that be sped up?

Well, if we had more auditors it would take less time, wouldn’t it?

Since Miscavige has destroyed auditors auditing in Missions and in the field, so we can’t use those alienated and disaffected folks to help Clear the planet. And through the sledge-hammer called the Golden Age of Tech, the actual production of auditors has dropped precipitously in the last fifteen years.

No, if Planetary Clearing is going to be accomplished in, say, 100 years, it’ll take about 2 million Ideal Orgs. Which means 135 staff per org x 2 orgs (day and foundation) x 2,000,000 orgs = 540,000,000 unpaid overworked salesmen masquerading as Scientology org staff members.

Ooooh! If we surround each one of the 2,000,000 Ideal Orgs with 10 missions that can produce 1 Clear a month, then we’re up to 20 million clears a month from the Missions. And we’re up to 200,000,000 unpaid overworked Mission staff members (at 10 staff per mission).

Of course, we’d need something like 20,000,000 Missions plus 2,000,000 orgs times 1 CCRD/Class VI C/S plus 2 Class VI/CCRD auditors = 66 million tech staff just to do the NED and CCRDs.

But then we’d be getting 20,000,000 Mission Clears + 6,000,000 Idull Org Clears + 35 Flag Clears per month = 26,000,035 Clears per month. That’d be 22 1/2 years to accomplish planetary clearing.

That, of course is absurd. But it illustrates the amount of production needed to accomplish planetary clearing. More importantly, it shows that Miscavige’s program of ignoring the establishment and staffing of Missions will be the biggest impediment to accomplishing “planetary clearling”.

The current population of the United States is estimated at 313 million. 200,540,000 staff members in Missions and Idull Orgs means Miscavige has to have to recruit 2/3 of the population of the United States to be staff.

That’s not going to happen at 35 Clears per month, I’m afraid.

But wait! Miscavige told us all sectors of Scientology have 70x’d since the wake-up call! (1)

So if Flag makes 35 Clears a month now, and that’s highest ever, then Flag was making 1/2 a Clear per month at the time of the wake up call in 2001!

That’s about right, since in 2008, Flag was only making about 5/6 a Clear per month, as reported in Source.magazine issue 213.

Miscavige may disagree with that and get livid and his head may explode à la Scanners, but it’s his own fault. He should just be showing us real stats, so we can take the data and run it through our own evaluation process.

Before I end off, let’s take a look at the sidebar article once more.

The sidebar article asserts that 35 beings have been forever freed from the reactive mind.  That’s a little lofty, because as long as there’s a Scientology, Inc. there will be some GPM-enhancing SP working to declare Clears unClear. It ignores that if one went unClear in the first place trillenia ago, then goes Clear, under certain conditions, one can go unClear again. So it’s not a guaranteed “forever”. The best way from having those conditions recur is to be auditor trained, of course. But with Miscavige around, making everyone an auditor is quite the pipe dream. Heck, with Miscavige around, Clears are getting declared unClear at the drop of a hat!

The sidebar article also asserts that these 35 clears are now in Flag’s Advanced Org. As if the Scientology entrapment machine successfully kept all those 35 people from leaving Clearwater to get back to their lives and earn the next $50,000 they need to stay in Flag’s clutches.

So what at first looked like good news in Source magazine issue 222 is anything but.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

* In HCO PL 5 May 1971 RA II READING STATISTICS, LRH’s actually idea is worded “Also, it’s a bit mean to nag around about a rise. … A rise is a rise.

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Béla  on May 12th, 2012

They are working on the product, they need nowadays. I got a call today, that there’s an event today in the AOSH EU. With nice food, and a golden medal winner singing. So they close the course room, and the HGCs, so everybody can be there. How nice it is. They just stop study and auditing, so they can reg more money to IAS campains. Congrats.

plainoldthetan  on May 12th, 2012

This is exactly why I’ve just started a series on “Why Unbrainwashed People Hate Scientology, Inc.” There’s been no ethnic surveys to find out what is the point of agreement that they can use to disseminate and expand.

No, you’re TOLD what your point of agreement is.

In auditor terminology, that’s ENFORCED REALITY.

And is therefore an ARC BREAK.

Either you do what the COB orders (no matter how uninformed and stupid) or you’re no friend of ours.

Who likes to be coerced into being a Church’s parishioner?

Not me.

looking4myself  on June 13th, 2012

It seems to me if the CofS had stuck to numerous LRH policies regarding Orgs being there to audit PC’s and train auditors since the inception of the IAS we would have a respectable number of trained auditors and PC’s, Clears and OT’s having fantastic wins daily by the boat load. Their influence upon the societies they live in and the positive roles they would play within them couldn’t help but gain the attention of those whose lives they touched. And those people would eventually be effected by it and would “want some of what they were having” regardless of whether these Scientologists were disseminating or not…….well all but about 2-1/2% of them anyway.
This would have effectively ended the reasons for there being an IAS because by now, hardly anyone but the most virulent SP’s would be protesting the philosophy of Scientology.

What a shame that a black hat came along and ruined it for everyone.

Dan  on August 18th, 2012

In Ron’s Journal 38, LRH says that 1800 clears were made in 1983.
How is it that 35 clears in one month is a world record?
RJ 38 and other RJ’s were recorded messages that LRH gave to Scientologists at New Years and other events, to give us updates on the current state of Scientology at the time.
I asked the Flag bookstore officer if she had RJ 38 on cd and she sounded like she never heard of it and it wasn’t in her bookstore.

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