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Thinking for yourself – not encouraged in the Church of Scientology

Back in the very early days of Scientology, Ron Hubbard had some strong words to say about the value of exercising your power of choice and thinking for yourself:

From Ability 90M (1959):

Any quarrel you may have with theory is something that only you can resolve. Is the Theory correct or isn’t it correct? Only you can answer that; it cannot be answered for you. You can be told what other auditors achieved in the way of results, and what other auditors have observed, but you cannot become truly educated until you have observed the results for yourself.

But times changed and in the mid-sixties, Ron wrote the document that changed the church of Scientology from an applied religious philosophy into a cult complete with a para military priesthood to enforce the dogma that Ron was Source, one did not deviate from standard tech, and it was your duty to stamp out any variation from this standard tech.

Thinking for yourself was no longer acceptable behavior for a loyal Scientologist. Since the church was designed as a top-down control system, there was no means to correct one’s seniors in the organization no matter what errors they were promoting or crimes they were committing.

Since most public Scientologists and lower level staff followed the Code of a Scientologist and the Credo of a True Group member and believed in the Aims of Scientology, it was difficult for them to believe the persistent rumors of abuse and wrongdoing even when they were personally attacked and vilified for doing what they considered to be right.

Most of us resisted looking at anything that contradicted what we were being told by church management even when we had serious doubts. If we expressed our doubts, we were told to restudy Keeping Scientology Working and to write up our overts and withholds. KSW was the dogma that could not be questioned as it is the stable data that was and is still holding the insanity in place.

If you are not permitted to evaluate a stable datum, I can guarantee that it is based on a lie. KSW contains many lies which are evident with very little research. Key technology was developed by many people. For example: The e-meter, correction lists, Search and Discovery, Study Tech, and NOTs.

The so-called “standard tech” that some brag about has evolved constantly throughout the history of Scientology. Each iteration was hailed as the standard which would endure from here on out. The earliest definition no longer applies and that was: Standard Tech is what works.

Many processes were developed and researched by Ron and other auditors and were not included in the final version of the Bridge. At one time experienced auditors were expected to be able to use these processes when they were needed.

I researched these early processes when I encountered pcs who did not do well in the Scientology sausage machine. Too many were already clear and had Dianetics run on them. Past life preclears did not do well in the current church of Scientology because for the past 30 years past life pcs and past life clears were considered delusional fakes of some sort. Auditor quality has declined to the point where current day auditors cannot detect an ARC Break needle and they do not know what a real F/N is.

There is much to be admired in Scientology technology but there is quite a bit that will not apply to you or to your pc. You need to have the certainty that comes with actual practice so that you can pick and choose what technology you use for your pc or yourself.

A well-trained auditor who cannot find an outlet for his talents is missing out on the best part of life. He has probably stopped himself from realizing the goal that prompted him to get into Scientology in the first place.

The emergence of the independent field auditor may be one of the most interesting stories of this decade. This blog is dedicated to helping and encouraging those who are willing to strike off on their own and make their own decisions on what constitutes workable technology.

The only proof of auditor skill is results. Those who claim they are better because they trained under Ron or someone else will probably satisfy status-conscious pcs who like to have an auditor with credentials. If you want results, find an auditor who understands what you are trying to handle and check him or her out in actual sessions. The right auditor will be willing to handle what you want handled no matter what it is.

As a pc, you should feel free to exercise your power of choice in the matter of who audits you and how they audit you. Ask questions and insist on getting answers that satisfy you completely. You may find that your gains will exceed your expectations if you find the auditor who is right for you.

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