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This post was prompted by an email from J Swift, who asked why I had not linked to OCMB.

I responded that OCMB was overlooked, not ignored. That was my error as my discovery of independent sites is an ongoing project and I welcome news of new additions.  It appears that I had also overlooked the Holy Cows of Scientology site which has a wealth of useful information as well

In my view, nothing involving the history of Ron Hubbard and Scientology should be considered as too far out to investigate. I am not sure we have the whole story yet and I applaud those who have taken the time to unearth the truth. We all have parts to play in the game of setting things right in the aftermath of the decline and fall of the Church of Scientology.

  • Some are trying to carry on as they envision Ron would have done except for arrival of the villain Miscavige.
  • Others are trying to stamp out the very memory of Ron and his church and the evils that were perpetrated under the guise of “clearing the planet”.
  • Others are interested in getting the whole truth and will be satisfied with nothing less.
  • Still others are quietly delivering services based on what they know to be acceptable and useful to their public.

As an auditor, I am interested in salvaging the useful technology that was appropriated by the CofS machine and was the actual power source that changed so many peoples lives for the better before they were entrapped into cult behavior.

As I see it, the tech is like fire or nuclear power. It can be used for good or bad. The answer is not to ban its use, but to harness it for our benefit.

Ron’s gift was that he recognized and appropriated useful technology developed by others. I used a lot of it during a period of 20 years and found that it would change lives for the better when properly applied. Much of it was so powerful that it could also be altered and used to destroy lives as is now being done in the church.

So, while others are applying themselves to exposing and nullifying the cult of Scientology, I am working to salvage the useful knowledge and the people who were sincerely helping the world to be a better place.

In that pursuit, I feel that there are no questions that should not be asked and no person who is above scrutiny. I am also willing to help those who are still stuck in the painful incident of their participation in the cult experience.

There is a future to be built for ourselves and our families. We cannot ignore our past as that will prevent us from moving on. At the same time, we cannot stay with our attention riveted on the abuses that destroyed relationships and lives.

The only way to free our attention and be free to create a new life is to recognize our responsibility for our part in creating the cult through overts of omission or commission and to salvage what we can from our experience to build a future on.

As I told J Swift, I welcome comments from all areas of the independent field on this website and on the Workable Technology Forum. Our purposes may be different at the moment, but I feel those who have been independent for years have experience that should be incorporated into any attempt to use the tech in a positive way and any attempt to use policy for a network of independent practitioners.

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