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Things you probably never learned at Flag

If you have had the opportunity to receive OT auditing while in the Church of Scientology, you have been thoroughly indoctrinated about not attempting to handle your case on your own or even thinking of your case outside of session.

As a result there are too many OTs with impressive certs who still have a great many confusions about what they were running in session. I personally know of many successful Scientologists who had mixed or bad results on their OT levels and  who never were sure about the validity of what they experienced.

Other OTs still seemed to have working service facs which they dramatized frequently.

Also, for years, I kept running into OTs who whined about life situations they seem to be stuck in. A “whining OT” is an incredible contradiction – until one learns that unhandled OT case will produce this behavior. If an OT has entities with withholds, that OT can be expected to act as if he or she has withholds! All living beings commit overts in an effort to solve problems and as a result, they end up with things they wish to hide.

This all should have been handled with careful supervision during OT training, so it appears that something has dropped out in OT course rooms. It appears to me that a lack of adequate training lies at the bottom of these unfortunate situations and  this lack prevents those affected from achieving the results that can be gained on the OT levels.

For an extended discussion of what is going on, read  http://workabletechnology.com/?p=471

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Ann Howe  on June 6th, 2012

Well stated and absolutely true. I believe this is by design. If an individual doesn’t comprehend what is mechanically happening in his auditing and hasn’t had sufficient training, not only academy training but a study of LRH materials from early on, he will be short of the tools needed for comprehension.

Good post.

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