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Scientology Posse fails to recover escaped executive

Some Confront Required 🙁

The  latest Scientology saga continues to unfold in Corpus Christi. (updated 4/30/10)

Sixteen Scientologists tried to set up a roadblock near Marty’s home to prevent Marty Rathbun from rescuing thirty-three year Sea Org veteran John Brousseau from the clutches of  a four person recovery team at the Port Aransas Best Western!

This is sounding more and more like an Elmore Leonard novel, but it is real life in the wacky world of Scientology. John Brousseau’s importance to David Miscavige can be judged by the fact that 20 people were sent out to recover him,

Among the twenty were Tommy Davis,  Angie Blankenship, Bob Wright, Laurance Stumbke, Michael Doven, and Celebrity Center stalwarts Michael Roberts, Michael and Denice Duff and Chris Smith.  The posse also included CCHR execs  Marla Filidei (CCHR spokesperson), and Jan Eastgate (CCHR Freedom Medal winner).

You might think to yourself, “Why are Michael Roberts and the Duffs part of this cult recovery mission?” and ” Why are the CCHR execs involved??

Those are interesting questions. CC public and CCHR execs are not usually involved in Int Management attempts to discipline errant executives, so why are they involved here?

One thought is that David Miscavige has so many of his SWAT teams out on other missions that he is calling in favors and sending civilians and Ideal Org personnel out as a rag-tag recovery team. I expect they all experience DM’s wrath after this current mission failure.   🙂

The other and more likely reason for the Celebrity Center folks being involved is that John Brousseau, the escaped executive may be a celebrity in his  own right and DM assigned the CC folks to the team in the hopes that they would have some influence on him.

The lesson that can be drawn from this spectacle is that those outwardly loyal Scientologists who are meekly submitting to the arbitrary decisions made about their state of case  and the constant reprogramming of their Bridge will probably get the same treatment when they wake up and attempt to withdraw from the church.

I am continually astonished by the behavior of people I know who read Marty’s blog and this one and are still sending their family members off to Flag and the Ship with the hope that they will get standard tech.

Read the latest episodes in the Corpus Christi saga on Marty Rathbun;s blog: 

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Make sure you take time to listen to the recorded conversation between Marty and Michael Doven, better known as Tom Cruise’s long-time assistant.

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Nancy  on April 30th, 2010

It’s amazing to me that these people sent to ‘recapture” you and others, don’t stop to think for themselves. Especially if they knew you….TA’s Moving, don’t do anything differently.

Centurion  on April 30th, 2010


I think your assessment that this could be a celeb of sorts may be correct. The only one I can think of that had a show business background was Heber.

Now, THAT would be something. Many equate Heber to the closest living icon of LRH himself. To have him in the independent field would be more than enough to have DM lose even more support than he has lost, and quite possibly have calls for his resignation from even his closest drones.

Just a guess.


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