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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Slavery……it works better when they can’t count


One of our alert readers spotted this Ideal Org madness from Dennis Collins:
(The picture is our take on this activity)




—–Original Message—–
From: Dennis Collins DCollins@wus.scientology.net
Sent: Sun, Jun 10, 2012 4:10 pm

  10 Days Left – Lets BLITZ!

Dear Gullible Scientologist ,

We have the CF, we have the PC Folders, We have the student files and others to get all ready for the move into the new building. That is thousands of man hours yet to do to get this ready for the move.

We need you to pull up your boot straps and make it go right to get into the files project and help out. This is the final push to get these files ready for the move to the new Ideal Org.

The offer still stands, those that do more then 10 hours will get a special commend from the CO CLO WUS.

The files project is open from 10am to 10pm everyday or longer 7 days a week. Come by any time and lets blitz these files to a done! Refreshments, snacks and even full blown dinners are served to make it easier for you to just come in after work or what have you.

Call Dennis Collins, (602) 419-1549 (voice or text message)


Since we are no longer members of the crazy farm, we can temper our desire to give our all for COB and start counting on our fingers.

It says: “…thousands of man hours yet to do…”   and the subject line says ’10 days left’.

This is where you get out your calculators.

Let’s say they’re only talking 2,000 man hours (instead of 3,000) that would be 200 man hours per day (with 10 days left)
divided by the hours they are open (10 AM to 10 PM….12 hours) that means that a minimum of 17 people would have to work  12 hour days,
for ten days (just on filing), to get this done….at best.

Now of course, if we have 20 stalwart volunteers working 10 hour days, we can do it and allow time for 2 meal breaks!

Slavery by any other name just doesn’t make sense.

What do they put in that Kool-Aid anyway?

For more Ideal Org shenannigans continue…you will not be able to unsee this one.


From: Amique – WUS Files Project <wusfilesproject@gmail.com>
To: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Sun, Jun 10, 2012 9:44 am
Subject: Grand Opening Count Down Has Begun ~ Join the Crusade!

It's Taco Time & Happy Hour with Les
We are ONLY DAYS AWAY from our
On this once-in-a-lifetime HAPPENING!


come on down! bring your friends! eat some food! help us in the files!!
So, come on down, bring some food, eat some food! See your friends and be a part of history as we get ready for the next Ideal Org on planet earth, right here in the
Birthplace of Scientology!!!
Come help us for 30 minutes!
Come help us for 3 hours!!!
Come help us for 5 days!!!!!
One volunteer said, “If I had known it was this much fun,
I would have come earlier.”  
Don’t miss out on the party!
Come join the fun in Central Files
Contact us to let us know you will be helping!Judy White (602) 332-1372
Amique Kelly  (714) 560-3449

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