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More Scientology, Inc. fakery

For once, the illustrations match the quality of the Church’s appeal for funds. The lead image in the Ideal Org Fundraising Standings is as fake as the entire campaign.

If you recall the promo leads off with a supposedly Scientology Sponsored race car:

Hip, Hip, Hooray! We are winning the Ideal Org Standings game.


Does this look familiar?

Using somebody else’s work without giving credit is par for the course for the Miscavige Marauders.

This does fit the pattern of the bait and switch operation known as Scientology, Inc.

Our new correspondent, Just Curious, nailed it when she said: ” to be squeezed to pay for someone else’s piece of real estate, to sing and dance about the future rent I’ll have to pay for that piece of real estate that I just helped pay for.”

The bait is that you hard working suckers will have an Ideal Org to be proud of and the switch occurs when that building is donated to a for-profit segment of the Scientology serpent and ALL OF YOU HARD-WORKING STAFF AND PUBLIC GET TO STRUGGLE TO PAY THE RENT ON THE MAUSOLEUM THAT YOU PAID FOR BUT DO NOT OWN.

Scientology, Inc.,  rotten to the core.



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AnonLover  on June 17th, 2012

ZOMG – That’s Jimmie Johnson’s car! I am so harpooning this, thanks for posting.

Crane  on June 17th, 2012

Wouldn’t an organization that claims to be optimizing survival on all dynamics put solar
panels on these “ideal” orgs? Wouldn’t it have
been “optimal” to make a smaller carbon footprint?
No, lets just let gaudiness run amok.

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