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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Live blogging the Phoenix Ideal Org Grand Opening

South Side of Phoenix Org showing seats and banner

The south side, side street is barricaded off, so no one drives down the side where the event is taking place.

The LDS church next door is having an event as well over on the north side street
some of the arrivals for the Phoenix Org church event are parking in their lot as well.
The Scienotologists are also using the school parking lot. Lots of cars with California tags, some Nevada. The chairs are full and people standing as well.

Maybe 400-500 people there, serious security…sea org…black pants, white shirts and ties giving strange looks, checking out everybody.

Another shot from earlier in the day showing the seating and some of the fans


People still showing up, mostly men in suits, women in dresses
(if they’re not from here, they’re miserable in the heat
if they are from here, they’re miserable in the heat)
Misters are on the fence and running, but they don’t help in the summer heat.
(too much humidity, as odd as that sounds)
Still no one on stage, no one speaking, audience just waiting.

At 6:40 PM it was 105 degrees in the shade

The event started at 7:00 PM with a  Navajo group….singing and dancing

Temperature is dropping at 7:15 PM it was 102 degrees in the shade.

By 7:30, security was very tight with uniformed police  removing anyone who did not look like they belonged.

Miscavige was on stage at this point but our observers did not hear anything of significance.

We will just have to wait for the press releases to see what we missed.

Just so you can get a feel for the urgency in this operation, here is promo that was being mailed out this very morning:

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Crane  on July 6th, 2012

This makes a nice post script. There are many heads to this monster. Just when you think you
cut one off; up pops another.

ASHO [email protected]
5:14 PM (1 hour ago)



We have no less than 5 Ideal Org Grand Openings in a 5 week period–Orange County, Stevens Creek, Denver, Phoenix and Buffalo!! Each area has a long-term Scientology community and the potential for servicing tens of thousands in the next year!

With these Churches opening, it is vital that we complete the sale of the commemorative leather bound books, which will fund the marketing and promotional program to introduce these orgs to their communities and flood them with new public!

Each unique edition of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health comes in rich leather with the motif of the org building and cultural heritage of the area embossed on the book, and including a color-coordinated satin ribbon to mark your place. Limited to 500 numbered copies, these books are beautiful and you will want to own one. Or you can donate one or several books to be presented to the community opinion leaders and VIPs of their respective region!

YOUR PART: Order one or several books—they are $500 plus tax if in California ($543.75).

Call in your donation to Lorie Hollon:
Planetary Dissemination ASHO Day

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