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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

A bad week for Miscavige and Scientology, Inc.

The news from Australia that Scientology membership is declining and is far below Church claims wasn’t the only bad news for Scientology, Inc. this week.

Coverage of the escape of two key Scientology figures from the Int Base (LRH’s granddaughter and David Miscavige’s father) is here.

Coverage of how Scientology, Inc. and Tom Cruise’s and David Miscavige’s unholy co-dependent relationship may have led to the dissolution of Tom Cruise’s marriage to Katie Holmes is here and here and here and here.

Marty Rathbun has assembled a set of key posts from his site on the Cruise/Miscavige connection over on his site.

I remember when staff at the Mission I was working at in the late 80s and early 90s were all agog at the news that “Tom Cruise is a Scientologist”. The import of that rumor escaped me, as I didn’t care if Tom Cruise was a Scientologist. I cared that he handled whatever was causing him to come to Scientology. And I didn’t care what it was, exactly. I just wanted him to come out the other end of the tunnel with what he wanted handled, handled.

Now that Tom’s on his third divorce, he might appear to be in the running for “most divorced celebrity”. But he’s not even in the ballpark. To get into that elite club, he’d have to take on the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis (4 divorces), Martin Scorsese (4), Billy Bob Thornton (5), Larry King (6) and Mickey Rooney (7).

Could it be that Tom’s ruin isn’t what he thought it was? Could it be that it’s really his involvement with Miscavige?

Tom previously got a divorce from Mimi Rogers and another from Nicole Kidman. The Kidman divorce was rife with rumors blaming Tom’s Scientology involvement, although Kidman is on record saying it wasn’t.

Rogers hasn’t fared better than Tom, already racking up three divorces, despite her involvement in Scientology, Inc. The Kidman divorce caused such a public stir about the inefficacy of Scientology that Miscavige took it on as a personal crusade to interfere in the Holmes-Cruise union to guarantee that the Kidman-Cruise flap wouldn’t recur.

Once again, we see that Miscavige’s guarantees guarantee nothing.

It’s hardly surprising that high-profile marriages implode under Miscavige’s interference, as marriage has been outlawed on the Int Base.

My own experience on the Pac Base was that Sea Org members very often got married because it was the only way to get non-barracks berthing. Once married, the partners were desperate to remain married because if there was a divorce or one partner “blew”, the return to barracks berthing was unavoidable.

If one partner “blows” the Int Base, part of the post-departure ritual is to have the remaining partner institute divorce proceedings against the blown partner.

I also remember attending a graduation at AOLA about 2000 where the woman completing an OT level talked about her big win being that she finally divorced her non-Scientologist husband who’d been “holding her back” for years.

In a culture whose philosophy claims to be one of sanity, Scientology, Inc. keeps demonstrating that sanity, especially on the second dynamic, is an elusive quantity.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

Update 02 July 2012

Although I think going to TMZ for accurate information about anything is a bit like getting career advice from a carney, there’s an update on the Katie/Tom divorce with coverage about her being surveilled by what seem to be Scientology-bots here.

And there’s a very odd piece about Tom’s divorce history here (containing what is a “quote” from a “former Scientologist” that’s just the result of a pipe-dream).

And…since the Katie/Tom divorce news started hitting the news late last week, enquiring minds want to know…did Katie file the divorce papers before Thursday at two?

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Centurion  on June 30th, 2012

Every 2D I had while part of the Corporation was a disaster…solid, tense, full of drama and just plain scary. My “wog” girlfriend of several years is the best thing to happen to me in years on this dynamic.

I do not discount my own case on the 2D in years past, but it helps when your 2D is not in debt up to her ass, not under some idea that every act in the bedroom has to be written up as a withhold, and that if you are not married you are living in “overt” and are creating bad PR for the church.

What a mess those days were.

I predict Tom will not marry for quite a while, and will distance himself from DM. I bet Travolta will be speaking to Tom in private, and will not have too many good things to say about DM.

plainoldthetan  on July 2nd, 2012

Centurion: we’ll have to see if your prediction about JT and TC plays out as you say. If TC is the dedicated DM-bot I think he is, and if JT approaches TC, the conversation will end up in DM’s hands and Kelly Preston and John Travolta will find themselves the object of DM’s surveillance and extortion.

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