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If you are not getting wins, you are not getting standard Scientology

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The overarching memory of my early years in Scientology was the incredible number of wins that occurred on course and in auditing.  These were originated after classes, in the halls, and in the local coffee shops.

People just kept on cogniting and the enthusiasm was contagious. If you heard a win from the HQS course and you hadn’t done it, you wanted to sign up for it. It was just that simple. When you heard wins from those who had attested to Clear, the entire room would go bright as we all went exterior at the same time.

It was a time when those who weren’t winning stood out like burnt out bulbs in a lighting display.

It was a total surprise when I went to Advanced Orgs and saw an abundance of serious people and very few shining ones.

Now I won’t say we were all paragons of virtue in the early days, but we were winning and ethics seemed to be as standard then as the auditing. The purpose seemed to be to make students and PC win in life and that was achieved on a daily basis.

When I ran a Mission, that was my purpose too and we succeeded at it for many years. I used the “Ideal Org” policy letter as my guide and had posted it near the front door where all could see it. My staff and worked hard to make the mission a place where one would know immediately that this was a place where one could go free.

By the mid-nineties my observations indicated that the attention of church management was more on enforcement and duress than on providing services and wins to public.

I distinctly remember a Sea Org type visiting the Mission one afternoon and upbraiding me for the lack of bustle and body routing. He seemed to ignore the students quietly studying in the course room and the TRs drills going on in the back room.  I was preparing to take someone in session and merely pointed to the Ideal Org Policy letter on the wall.

He argued was that we should not be delivering services, but should be routing public to orgs for training and processing.  He seemed to have no idea of an ideal Mission Scene and felt that we lacked the face-ripping ambiance of some upper orgs.  He wanted to see “hustle” and could not recognize the value represented by winning students and PCs.

It was evident to me that this earnest young SO member had never experienced the kind of case gain that our public experienced every week.

There are other signs that technical delivery has slipped, even at the highest orgs.  I caught a few seconds of some OT 8 wins on video and these OT8s were reading prepared scripts in a carefully conservative tone level.  If a spontaneously delivered success story delivered in exhilaration is no longer acceptable, the CofS is in a very bad way.

You can still tell when students and PCs are winning. Their eyes are shining and you can’t begin to stifle them. They are bubbling over with joy.

Maybe that’s why independent scientology is growing steadily despite all obstacles.  Wins are still being delivered out here.

Way to go!

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Jill  on December 1st, 2009

I really enjoyed reading all the data on your site and your backround. I love getting the viewpoint of someone who got in CofS before everything started to change. I got in 1996 and looking back now, I think I felt the old postulates of how it should be but then slammed into how it really was and I was always a bit let down. Hearing stories of training actually being fun!…….Wow, what a concept. I got up to Class I but it was so rushed, I did not get a chance to audit more than 1-2 hours and even that felt rushed. Everything about stats etc!
I did not get a lot of auditing as my intention was to co-audit up the bridge. So I am only a Drug Rundown completion,(after the purif)
My husband had been in since the late 60′s so his stories made me wonder what the heck was up. We finally cognited last year and got out.
I always wanted to be a field auditor, and now that there are people who train on the outside I hope to take my training up again and I am going get more auditing, (the right way)!!!
I just want to acknowledge your site, your getting out, and that your viewpoint is spot on!!
It IS an out point that someone who came out with all this great tech could end up the way he did, but the tech is still the tech and I feel fortunate to have stumbled on to it, though a little late, better late than never! And, I so agree with the premise of ‘If your not getting wins, your not getting Scientology’, Just like, ‘If is isn’t fun, it isn’t Scientology’.
Current staff would ask for the reference on that one and I wouldn’t know what to tell them, but if it doesn’t make sense to them, doesn’t that speak volumes?!!!
OK, anyway, I am glad you are here. Please feel free to write me with any com!!
I got your web site from my good friend Anita Warren.


P. Henry  on December 6th, 2009

Old Auditor, this is a great blog site that you have here! Your posts rekindle much.

I too recall a time when Scn was fun and it flowed. It really flowed! Then little by little the fun began to be replaced with duress and increasingly more effort and unusual solutions were required to accomplish one’s next action. The intention and focus ever so subtly began to shift and an “upstat” became the almighty false idol. Reminds me of how so many of the huge corporations these days have come to value profit more than life.

Anyway, I’m actually digressing from my original intended reply to this particular post of yours. Your mentioning of the students’ bright eyes and wins overflowing reminded me of a dissemination workshop that I once attended that was delivered by the notable and highly successful FSM, David Houseman (not sure about the last name).

David delivered a wonderful workshop and he was a very good story teller.

At one point in the workshop he began talking about how quickly and successful the drug culture had spread across this country, indeed, the world. He noted that no counter actions by the police or no preaching from the pulpit had been able to slow down much less stop the drug culture from spreading. Then he told us why.

He pointed out that the reason that the spread of using drugs had been so successful was because of the very effective dissemination of the benfits to be had in using drugs by the drug users enthusiastically sharing their wins in taking them. And when he explained that as being the reason it made perfect sense to me. That was my reality. My decision to start smoking dope was totally due to friends of mine sharing their wins with me of how great smoking dope was. And although it took me hearing quite a few wins, I eventually reached a point where I really wanted to experience those effects. I started reaching big time!

David also told a story about his going to this little country fair and going by this booth where a guy was blowing glass. He watched him blow glass for a while then opened up the comm line and asked him how he came to be doing this. The guy instantly goes right into telling him this story of is former occupation as a travelling salesman where he was on the go all the time having to deal with tight schedules and all sorts of transportation logistics and the never ending stress and so on and so forth. Finally he reached a point where he said that’s it and he took up glass blowing and then gradually began going to little fairs and selling his products. He took control of his life and began to live it on his terms (he shared his win). David, said that after he heard this guys story that damned if he didn’t want to become a glass blower himself. :)

That is the result that occurs when someone genuinely shares a win with another. That is the power of a genuine win. Wins are contagious!

The last DVD that I received from the church was a collection of people (a good cross section of ethnic groups represented) sharing their wins but it came across as the most contrived bunch of horse pucky that it just pissed me off. It most definitely did not make me reach. Instead, it did the opposite – it repelled me. Inept Marketing.

When people are REALLY winning they cannot help but to share their wins. And when people share their wins from their heart the result is expansion!

There is sush an abundance of of negative comments and focus on the negative aspects of the CoS right now to be found on the internet and so much A=A between Cos and TECH that it is very refreshing to come across your blog Old Auditor.

I know that when I go to youtube and do a search on Scn all this Anon crap comes up and its just so much of the same ole same ole natter that I’ve been hearing since when I first entered Scn in 78′. BORING. It would be great to see individuals begin to start posting videos of themselves sharing their wins with Ron’s tech. Because, Boy oh boy, are there ever wins to be had!

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lunamoth  on January 12th, 2010

I remember at times coming out of session (’79-ish)
and being so blown out of my head that I swear my feet were not touching the floor. I felt like I was levitating. I’m pretty sure I glowed in the dark.
Could probably have shot light beams out of my finger tips if I’d thought of it.

Yup. Felt THAT good.

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