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Phoenix Idle Org Still A Half-Done

You may recall that the Phoenix Ideal Org held its “Grand Opening” June 23, 2012.

The day of the grand opening, they were still sending out e-mails begging for volunteers for files work.

People in the Phoenix Ideal Org field are still receiving e-mails for “files work” volunteers as of July 4, 2012.

And the Phoenix Ideal Org field are still receiving calls for people to join staff because the staff complement is apparently 70, when it’s expected to be 150.

The CO CLO WUS is still sending out bulk mail begging for staff.

Apparently, a “Grand Opening” is a purely ceremonial PR event to impress gullible news agencies like Fox News (1), Phoenix New Times, PRWeb, Digital Producer Magazine, Central Coast News, AzCentral.com, Benzinga.com.

My advice is that you not waste your time reading the pages at all these links. By and large, they all contain the same verbiage from the same Scientology, Inc. press release and the same set of photographs provided by the Church.

Every “report” on the Grand Opening said there were 1,500 attendees. That’s how you can tell they were just reading off the fax machine into their web editors. Actual live witnesses put the figure betwen 500 and 800.

In other words, very little investigation and reporting was done.

That’s because, right or wrong, the Church doesn’t really talk to reporters. The Church prefers to invoke the warning of L. Ron Hubbard in HCO PL 21 November 1972 HOW TO HANDLE BLACK PROPAGANDA: WHERE THERE IS NO DATA AVAILABLE PEOPLE WILL INVENT IT.

If you don’t believe this maxim of LRH’s, just start looking at the “coverage” of the Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise divorce eruption.

The problem is that if the Church tells the truth, the Church will look bad.  If the Church does what it usually does, which is provide some “data” that’s provably false the Church will look bad. If the Church provides some transparent double-speak that seems like “data”, halfway intelligent people will see through the transparency and the Church looks bad.

The closest thing to real reporting was that done by Ray Stern at the Phoenix New Times, but he continues to focus on what he says are the “alien based” beliefs of Scientology instead of the human rights violations, criminality, and outright lying of the current Scientology, Inc. management.

Since the Roman Catholic Church asserts that belief in aliens is not antithetical to practicing Catholicism (1) (2) it must be rough for Ray to continue to assert the wackiness of what he thinks is Scientology’s alien basis.  It must be even tougher for him to continue to assert this in the face of the fact that people getting service in the Phoenix Idle Org don’t even have books, beliefs, or practices relating to aliens presented to them in theChurch of Scientology. A personal belief is another thing entirely. But it’s not something fed to people in the Church.


— written by Plain Old Thetan

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OldAuditor  on July 10th, 2012

I examined the photo of the crowd by making a grid and counting the people in a typical box and came up with 700 heads. Unless they were hiding 800 staff in the unfinished building, I would say that the 500-800 attendance figure is right on the mark.

The church has been falsifying stats so long that we automatically discount whatever they claim whether it is income, membership, people on course, or attendance at events.

They have become a parody of themselves, a cult without ethics or honor and the target of well-deserved ridicule. They have become the Killer Klowns From Outer Space, almost totally inept but still dangerous.

rebelwarrior  on July 12th, 2012

Do I understand the above article correctly to be saying that the Phoenix Org has 70 staff right now? Do I have that right? I’m having a very, very hard time imagining that.

PlainOldThetan  on July 13th, 2012

To be more specific, headhunters are calling people in the Arizona parishioner base and telling them they have 70 with another 80 to go. But their telling the Arizonans there’s 70 could be a BOFFL. Big Ole Fat Freakin’ Lie. Imagine this: There’s a Foundation Org and a Day Org, so saying there’s 70 means there’s only 35 per org. That’s why the “Grand Opened Phoenix Ideal Org” is open and fully functional is also a BOFFL.

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