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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

We live in interesting times…

In the last few weeks, independent Scientology discussion groups have observed an increase in traffic from people reaching for information about services outside the church.

I have had extended  discussions with several long time loyal church members about the range of services they can expect outside Scientology, Inc.

I consider this a tectonic shift because these people are not complaining about Scientology, Inc. injustices. They have already made the decision to obtain auditing outside church walls!

Like patrons of a highly touted restaurant finally deciding that being seen dining with the stars is not worth getting bad service and indifferent food, loyal church members are looking for healthier fare in welcoming surroundings.

These people are beyond anger in many cases. They are getting on with their lives and are avoiding further contact with the cult influence. They are setting their own courses and are letting go of family members and friends who will not look at what is going on.

They are not all of one mind by any means. Some want to be referred to an auditor who can deliver the L’s, some want training, and some want to mediate between what they see as warring factions: church and independents. The important thing is that these people are well through their Doubt condition, even though they may not have written them up.

We are also seeing more examples of entire organizations separating from Scientology, Inc.  This has not been seen since the early 80s when some mission holders attempted to go independent. The Dror center, the most productive and influential Scientology organization in Israel has declared its independence from Scientology, Inc.

Dani Lemberger and the execs of Dror Center in  Haifa, Israel  wrote an, “Assignment of Treason Condition – David Miscavige,” in An Open Letter to All Scientologists on July 10. 2012.

This letter ranks in importance with the Debbie Cook letter and should be read by all Scientologists.

You can do your part by spreading the word and reposting this letter on every social network.

Freedom is contagious. Help it spread!

You can read more about the Lembergers and the Dror Center after the jump.

[The Lemberger’s mission in Haifa attracts members who are both Jewish and Arab.]

Read the entire article at:  http://tinyurl.com/7w53cy5

Thanks to  the Village Voice and Marty Rathbun for posting this vital information earlier.

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missdwh  on July 13th, 2012

I read “the open letter to all Scientologist” hats off to a group that duplicates the tech. What a courageous buch of THETANS who practice OT!

Le Rossignol  on July 13th, 2012


looking4myself  on July 13th, 2012

This “open letter” is a brilliant analysis of the current scene within the upper levels of Scientology management and its effects upon an ARC broken field and lower level orgs and missions. It went straight to the whys backed up by plenty of LRH references.

This write up reminded me very much of “Friends of LRH” and their approach to the current scene in the Church. Very well done!

Centurion  on July 13th, 2012

Now that is what I call the beginning of real mid-east peace. I see no other way it will be achieved but with Scientology well applied and freely exercised.

The news seems to have as a stable datum that Jew and Arab are forever locked in perpetual hatred. Some hidden third party may want that, but now the solution is at hand to rid the planet of that false data.

My best wishes go to the independents in Israel and the surrounding countries. Yours is now the hat that the church dropped.

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