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A whistleblower is a person who tells the public or someone in authority about alleged dishonest or illegal activities. In the real world, whistleblowers are often surprised by the negative reaction to their efforts to obtain justice, even though there are laws to protect them.

In Scientology, whistleblowers have no protection at all and can lose their friends, families and livelihood within days of questioning what Scientology, Inc. management is doing. The Catch-22 is that loyal Scientologists are required to write Knowledge Reports if  they know of  off-policy actions.

You observe off-policy or criminal actions, so you bite the bullet and carefully write a standard Knowledge Report about what you have experienced and you recommend some obvious and sane handling for this situation.

You put it in the Org’s comm system or in the in basket of some executive and you expectantly wait for a reply.

Knowledge Report

Knowledge Report

You have unwittingly set off a chain of incidents that will result on a costly Sec Check for you, an SP declare which you will never be shown and loss of any contact or working relationship with any loyal Scientologist or family member.

That is because you have no idea of the danger you have exposed your seniors and associates to. You have handed them a particle that is so explosive that merely knowing about it can cost them their “Bridge”.

The mere indication that something about an org or campaign or service is less than optimum is perceived as an attack on the infallibility of the Chairman of the Board, David Miscavige. Your putting this observation in writing creates an enormous problem for everyone between you and COB.

In Scientology, Inc. their prime function is to make sure that no bad news disturbs the ruminations of COB and his minions. Every one of those people are duty bound to shut you up or quietly dispose of you so that COB does not get wind of the damage you are causing.

This not confined to Scientology, by the way, I have personal experience with trying to deliver bad news to upper management in large corporations. It was easier for all concerned to get rid of me than to confront and deal with a serious problem.

In Scientology, Inc. you will cost your friends thousands of dollars for Security Checks and Roll-back investigations when you break the code of silence and point out some non-optimum situation.

You will be affecting everyone who is known to have associated with you. They will be pulled in for questioning by 17-year old Sea Org members and grilled to see what withholds they have about you.

If you see that things are going wrong in Scientology, Inc., do yourself a favor by doing a preliminary Doubt Formula. When you get to the part about “Inform yourself honestly of the actual intentions and activities…” take a look and see if you will be able to do that with Scientology, Inc.

If you wish to continue with your knowledge report, get yourself to a safe point where you can speak up without being attacked. This is covered in PR Series 18 and 19.

There is a formula here just a hair lower than Non-Existence: “Find a point from which to put out a comm line.”………Get in a safe place and speak up.”

If you are going to blow the whistle or even suggest changes to the current scheme of things in Scientology, Inc., you need to read and duplicate PR Series 18 and 19 and even then you will need to be on your guard against covert attacks.

Every one of us who has been able to write about Scientology, Inc. has found a way to establish a safe point. You will too.

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OldAuditor  on July 14th, 2012

One factor I forgot to mention. HCO receives all mail and will probably stop and divert your Knowledge Report before it gets on any executives lines.

If an email contains salacious gossip about some public person, it will probably get broadcast throughout the org.

If the email concerns executive behavior or a negative attitude about some IAS program, it will disappear without a trace from the Orgs comm lines but will mysteriously turn up in YOUR ethics files.

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