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Another verse, same as the first, Boston’s Idle Org campaign wheezes into motion…again

The bait and switch Idle Org campaigns continue to ooze into view. Sparked by the recent super secret Maiden Voyage event, Boston’s Idle Org team is readying itself to pillage your pocketbooks and get you to refinance your houses and donate to the new Boston Idle Org.

Here is a sneak peek at the Boston Idle Org funding kickoff meeting: (click to enlarge)

Here is the message from Darren Tessatore, who seems to be heading up this campaign:

Dear New England Scientologists:

Here is a photo of our group after the Maiden Voyage Event last night. The event was nothing short of spectacular with 8 new Ideal Orgs opened in the past year and 1 per month in 2012! And the best news of all, Boston is the NEXT org to complete its fundraising and get into construction!!! IT IS OUR TIME!!!!!

The Boston group rallied to this news with over 212,000 pledged last night towards Boston Ideal Org construction! We have a tight time line to get the rest of the funds in place and your continued support is needed now more than ever. Watch for lots of events and FUN!!!

I want to thank the Ideal Org event team and cast of our “Gilligan’s Island” Fundraiser:
Jane Grondin: Event I/C, Script-writer and “Ginger”
Bob Baritz: OTC Chairman and “Skipper”
Michele Savelo: D/Events I/C and “Mary Anne”
Gerard Renna: OT Extrodinaire and “The Profesor”
Darren Tessitore: Ideal Org Fundraiser and “Thurston Howell”
Buzz Newman: The best “Gilligan” to walk the stage!
Yours Truely: Fundraising I/C and “Lovey Howell”
Sandra Tessitore: Our sweet “Island Girl”
Fran Mackay: Cue Card prompter
Pam Maher: Promo and Awards I/C
Jim Plumb: Photographer
Ed Maher and Joe Nuccio: Videographers

And the Staff of the Boston Orgs for all that they do!

I see a very small crowd of people in this picture. I counted 40 faces.

Since at least 10 of these people are listed as team and cast of the Gilligan’s Island Fundraiser, it would seem that the actual audience was about 30 people, which probably included staff members.

Somehow, it seems like the public has learned to stay away from these fund-raisers.

If this is being run as a standard Idle Org scam, I am sure that a properly dilapidated building has already been purchased by a private group of Scientologists or they have purchased the mortgage and are waiting for the fund raising committee to buy the building from them at a handsome profit.

Once the building money has been raised, parishioners will then be regged for more money to bring the rundown and probably abandoned building up to code and to turn it into a shining idle org. Parishioners will also be recruited to put in free labor to clean up the building and repair it.

On opening day or shortly before, title to the building that parishioners have donated money and refinanced their homes and businesses to pay for will be turned over to the Building Management group, which reports to Miscavige. The building will be the property of a for-profit group connected to Scientology, Inc., not the local org that paid for it.

This is the pattern followed by the Phoenix Org and all the previous ones.

Stay tuned for more information on this campaign.

More history on the Boston Ideal Org evolution


Way back in 2006, the Boston Ideal Org website showed this photoshopped version of the new building:

Today, the current street view of that site looks like this:

From the operation Clambake message board, come these quotes:

The Church of Scientology wants to transform an abandoned Roxbury hotel into the organization’s Boston headquarters, but some neighbors are raising questions.
The former Alexandra Hotel in Boston has been sold to the Church of Scientology. Mayor Thomas M. Menino says he supports the church’s development plans, but some area residents have voiced opposition.
Then in 2010, the Boston Ideal Org launched another campaign to raise money:
Amber Maher Gilbert thanked Jean-Pierre.
11:45pm August 28th, 2009
Hi Jean-Pierre,
I wanted to know if I could e-mail all members and post this on the site: WIN a new 2010 Toyota Prius while helping to fund the Design and Planning of Boston’s new Ideal Org! Dear WISE Supporters:
I wanted to inform you all of a raffle drawing that is being done by the Church of Scientology Boston.
We are all selling tickets to win a new 2010 Toyota Prius! Each ticket is 500.00 and there will only be 2,000 sold so there is a good chance you could win. The money will be used to fund the building of our new Ideal Org in Boston and you, your friends and anyone you know might want a ticket is welcome to purchase one.

If you would like to get your tickets you can call the Boston Org at 617.266.9500 and say that you saw this message from Amber on FaceBook.

Good luck!

If you want more data here is an e-mail that we sent out about the raffle. Thank you for reading this and wish us luck on the completion of our Ideal Org!

Much Love,


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Hapexamendios  on July 22nd, 2012

At this point I’m inclined to just say “Well, a fool and his money…”. It was evident to me when this whole “Ideal Org” campaign started years ago that it was pure foolishness and it doesn’t take a genius to see that at all. The idea that fancy and outlandishly expensive buildings were all that we needed to effectively disseminate struck me as ludicrous. It’s as if the cult went PTS to the middle-class.

DMSTCC  on July 23rd, 2012

How many tickets are required to be sold to win a “new 2010 Toyota Prius“? If they only sell 20 will the still have the raffle or just keep the money and declare not enough sold? I already know the answer, but thought I’d toss it out there.

Eileen Clark  on July 24th, 2012

These Idle Org things are sooooo boring.

Eileen Clark  on July 24th, 2012

Gerard Renna and Michele Savalo have a lot to answer for.

Phil Bruemmer  on October 3rd, 2012

Those clowns need Scientology.

They think they are Scientologists but they haven’t a clue what Scientology is.

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