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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Doc Whittaker has great advice for those who are still stuck in their Scientology, Inc. betrayals

If you wish to get on with your life after leaving the church, you should find Doc’s advice very helpful. The only thing holding you to past betrayals is your own considerations. His advice may be the key to experiencing new freedom

Quit bitching about Ron

“The basic test is whether it is true for you and whether it works for you.

Not if all the stories a gifted storyteller told are true, but does it work for you. And if it didn’t what exactly happened.

Now I have a different view on this than a lot of people because I’m a former USMC Vietnam Vet, and the world can be a lot harsher and more difficult to survive in than the padded cushy society we appear to live in. So much of Science is only a matter of faith, even though much of it tossed off like it is perfectly true. And it is not. At best its a sometimes workable theory, usually it only works at times.

I say this as someone who has worked with hundreds of engineering companies, and know engineering quite well, and know what can and can’t be done. When we look at an engineered product we look at the results, not whether the guy who came up with it, or got it to work, was a world class jerk , and beat his family twice a day, or he was some theety-weety do-gooder who hid his sins well.

Someone came along, in the midst of the preparation of one world war, then several police actions, and with a planet whose governments had massive nuclear weapons that could killl everyone multiple times over, and he put a bridge there. That when it worked, got someone knowingly immortal again, and much more able to live a full and effective life.

And I see such bitching and moaning about how it doesn’t fit this or that standard, or doesn’t fit into `normal’ scientific practice, and I understand because I understand what actually happens in Science, is very much political and not some pure objective, always workable method that moves us closer to some ultimate truth.

Many engineers and Scientists can’t even confront life or a live being.

People hold up this unreal standard to measure the tech against, and then they complain because it doesn’t fit this or that measure.

Yes, it is hard. And Yes it doesn’t always work, and lot’s of people attempted to use it that never duplicated it, and some people need instructions in how to pet cats.

It’s not an easy road, life is not an easy road, this can be a very difficult and violent planet to survive on. And many people felt that they could attain their dreams and didn’t.

and they felt betrayed.

Get over it.

So what, maybe it’s not for them. Maybe nothing will ever work for them. But it might work for them, if done by someone who does understand it, cares for the person they are working with, and helps them get the wins they want.

Christ almighty. If you don’t like the subject, then don’t do it. Stay away from it. Do something , anything else.

But it worked for me, thanks to it, I survived many horrific and difficult events in my life, and slowly things got better, and sometimes things got worse, but after persisting at it, I’m pleased to say it has exceeded my wildest dreams.

That’s what I learned in the USMC – the will to persist no matter how crappy life became. And to use any tool I had , not matter what to survive and continue and hope for a better future.

And Ron, my friend, no matter how he did it, helped me get there. When I needed something that worked more than anything else.

I don’t give a rats ass as to whether he played nice, or always told the truth or was a saint, or was perfect in every way.

What the hell planet are y’all on.

It takes the very tough to survive on this planet.

Not the socially acceptable, nice fit squarely in whatever box you want to draw person some want LRH to be.

Get out of the damn boxes, and take life by the throat, and win at it.
So that’s my test.

If you feel ripped off, and you feel betrayed, and you want to blast everybody, go do it elsewhere.

Its not for you.

Find something else that is and do that.;

Do or don’t do – there is no try.”


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Bruce Pratt  on July 23rd, 2012

Heart felt. Hard hitting. Respect.

missdwh  on July 24th, 2012

Know the truth and it will set you free, Marines kick ass. I have been thinking similar thoughts but I was in the Air Force.

Ron Bible

Eileen Clark  on July 24th, 2012

Wow. This I can agree with. You know how to kick ass and with USMC style. Kudos.

Chris Thompson  on August 28th, 2012

That’s one way of looking at it in a universe with many ways of looking at it.

Phil Bruemmer  on October 3rd, 2012

The Marines have landed!

Good on you for telling it like it is.

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