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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

No wonder staff members are upset with you – you keep missing their withholds!

A withhold is something the staff member has done which is against her own moral code and she is hiding it. A missed withhold is what happens when she wonders if you know what she is hiding.

You have asked a question like “What is the LRH reference on that?” and you wonder why she is so angry with you.  The answer is quite simple.

You have missed her withholds on the fact that she no longer follows LRH policy, she is only following Miscavige policy and she feels guilty about that.

With all of the crimes and abuses that are being committed every day in every scientology organization on the planet, it is virtually impossible for a staff member NOT to be involved in committing destructive and off-policy actions AND covering up the destructive acts of others.

Now these staff members have been carefully indoctrinated to believe that what they are hiding from the public are LAUDABLE withholds. They are told they are “protecting” the church from disrepute, by covering up criminal acts, sexual abuse, physical abuse and imprisonment.

For a while the loyal staff member is able to stifle the moral codes they subscribed to before they became staff, but eventually it dawns on them that spying on other staff, selling services that are not wanted or needed and recruiting new people for indefinite servitude is wrong. The hiding of church abuses and cruelty does not seem laudable any more and one has to withhold these disgusting and illegal activities knowingly.

Once someone is knowingly withholding crimes, it is extremely easy for someone else to restimulate what is being hidden. All you have to do is say, “How long is this course” or “How many intensives will I need for this auditing?” or worst of all asking, “What is the LRH reference on that?”

There is so much information being hidden from public view by every staff member that your most innocent actions will make them wonder how much you know about their misdeeds. This causes all sorts of missed withhold phenomena.  That is just one reason why it is hard to maintain ARC with staff.

As LRH said somewhere: “the overt doth speak loudly in accusation”. In other words, people with overts tend to accuse others of out-ethics. When you see a staff member, be prepared to be accused of overts. That’s the only way they can lessen the pain they feel.

So the next time some staff member accuses you of being suppressive, just smile knowingly.

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