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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Breaking up with Scientology, Inc. is hard to do – getting your money back is getting harder

You may feel you have been cheated in some way and you have.

We started with Scientology with high hopes. In some cases, we achieved far more than we ever expected.

After a while the  lack of professionalism, the naked greed and the indifference to our losses woke us out of our euphoric daze and we started to notice the embarrassingly shabby state of affairs in the HGC, the frenzied crush from all staff to sell us basic books, and the empty promises of Scientology, Inc. justice actions.

Some have noticed that it is all about money now and the clincher is the big spot on current routing forms where your donation level is plainly marked. If you are a high level donor, your out 2D is never brought up and your sleazy business practices which have people KRing you are totally ignored. You get moved to the front of every queue and are on the priority list for events and Maiden Voyage invitations.

If you have been writing Knowledge Reports on some cheating spouse or business partner and wondering why your complaints are being ignored, it is because that person is way ahead of you in the donations ranking which is the only thing that matters in Scientology, Inc.

If you are still puzzled why this is happening, you need to need to understand how a cult works and how the church became a cult. For starters, read:  http://possiblyhelpfuladvice.com/?p=489


Dealing with a criminal cult is not significantly different than dealing with any criminal organization. Exposure is poison to both.

You were led to believe that certain things would happen and you were too trusting. Now you want your money back and you are puzzled why they aren’t following the rules! You have not been observing what has been going on right in front of your eyes.

You have been blissfully ignorant of what has happened to your friends who complained about injustices. They are non-persons now and you are forbidden to ask about them or talk to them. You have been writing to the Chaplain of your org and she has been ignoring you for months. HCO is ignoring you and you are getting funny looks from the staff members you used to know.

The church is breaking every promise made to parishioners and to the IRS.  LRH policy about Refunds and Repayments is being ignored. The latest church strategy is to declare you as soon as you request your money back and then claim you have no rights as a Scientologist. You may still find an ethical staff member who has not blown but I am sure that these people are not on the Repayment/Refund lines.

I have written up the formerly successful and on-policy actions that resulted in getting repayments from the church and you will find all of them by using the search field at the bottom of the page and searching for “repayments” and “refunds”

If you are not getting responses to your emails asking for repayment, escalate the matter as far as you are able. If you persist, you will probably get told by someone that you have been declared.

You can search for a lawyer or a class action suit, but your immediate response should be to go public and tell your story on as many blogs as you can reach. You need to prevent others from getting in the same trap and that will happen of enough of you write up your stories with names and organizations. Miscavige reads these blogs and when he finds that a staff member has been caught and is embarrassing him, he whisks the person away. The rumor line in the orgs may be very covert, but when a staff member is identified as being criminally off-policy in an Internet article by a public person, that staff member and his organization gets publicity that will not go away.

If you write your articles without anger and excessive emotion, it will be very believable. Just tell the facts and how you were deceived. Don’t get angry, get even. The church is straining to attract new people. New people read the Internet. If you write about the actions of a staff member at Flag, the new person will have read it before his FSM can repair the damage.

Contrary to what the cult will tell you, your exposure of their off-policy actions does not relieve them of the obligation to repay your unused money. Document everything and check to see that they have not already emptied your account. ( this is another strategy they use to avoid returning your money.)

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Eileen Clark  on July 28th, 2012

Nice job! Good and useful article.
L, Eileen

Simi Valley  on July 28th, 2012

Nonprofit, tax-exempt status notwithstanding, the “Church” is not issuing repayments, let alone refunds, to anyone at this time. You have to sue them if you want money back.

D'Anne  on August 15th, 2012

Where do I start? I have $22,000 at Flag. I want it back. I have a friend who is an Investigative Reporter for CBS. Should I have him follow my effort for a story? Should I cc the IRS or the Attorney General?

Thank you for your input.

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