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More “shocking” developments: James Eagan Holmes had seen THREE psychiatrists

Quoted from WTAQ web site: Accused Colorado gunman James Holmes, charged with killing 12 people in a movie theater rampage last month, saw at least three mental health professionals at the University of Colorado before the shooting, a CBS News affiliate reported on Tuesday.

Holmes is accused of opening fire in a midnight screening of the new Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises” in a Denver suburb, killing 12 people and wounding 58 others. His attorney has said in court that Holmes suffers from an unspecified mental illness and had tried to get help.

Note that even though it says he had tried to get help, he had not been actually helped. If he had, those 70 people wouldn’t have been killed or wounded.

I guess when “CBS cares”, CBS only cares to show that when a multiple murderer goes to psychiatrists for help, CBS only cares to keep the psychiatrists’ culpability out of the headlines.

It absolutely floors me that reputable news agencies question Scientology Inc’s techniques and results, but these same agencies never think to question Psychiatry Inc’s techniques and results.  No, we’ll let a complete maniac slip through the gauntlet called the “psychiatry clearinghouse” so he can kill or injure 70 people. Where’s media’s outrage? Where’s the Senate investigations? I forgot: it’s more important to figure out how some ballplayer got steroids than to save the lives of  12 people in Aurora or 6 people in Tucson or 32 people in Blacksburg.

Note also that the shootings are a month old but they’ve slipped off the front pages and are no longer in the evening news. So the media are to blame for the lack of solutions to the problem.

And the lack of Congressional interest in solving this problem proves to me two things: 1) Congress has decided psychiatry is the solution and 2) Congress can’t confront that psychiatry isn’t providing an answer.

If you look at the other articles I point at in this post, and other James Eagan Holmes articles at various places around the web, you’ll see that Holmes was sent by his psychiatrists to the University of Colorado threat assessment team, which was formed after the Virginia Tech massacre. However, due to the conflict of patient privacy laws and the prevailing idiocy that “the insane have more rights to life and health and happiness than the sane”, the University of Colorado threat assessment team is apparently only an ineffective facade put in place to make people “feel better” instead of ensuring that something gets done about it.

And where, oh where, is Scientology Inc’s ABLE branch in all this? It’s been very quiet. That’s because Scientology Inc is so much in disfavor that it can’t afford to stick its turtle-head out of its protective shell for public exposure.

You see, ABLE’s so-called humanitarian activities are, by and large, set up as ways to get Scientology parishioners to donate scads of money to Scientology Inc. Donations to ABLE-sector activities are continually needed, if you haven’t noticed. That’s because Scientology Inc has been notoriously ineffective at actually making society-wide changes that would make life better and safer for people.

It’s hard to use the donations ABLE gets to make effective societal changes when a huge percentage of the donations are siphoned off for Miscavige’s slush funds. It’s even harder when Scientology Inc’s credibility quotient has dropped to zero.

Scientology Inc can fixedly claim to have the solutions to life, the universe, and everything. But with the increasing number of psychotic mass-murders, coupled with the deaths at places like Flag and Narconon, the thin veneer of acceptability for Scientology Inc’s “humanitarian” activities flakes off more and more every day.

The WTAQ website article can be found here.

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— written by Plain Old Thetan

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