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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

The Phoenix Org Invites you to Bring Friends & Family For a Very Special Sunday Service August 26th

One of our favorite contributors send us this revealing invitation from the Phoenix Org. It is probably too little and too late but it could be a sign that the Phoenix Org recognizes that their public have gone out of comm with them.

Our reader has this to say about this invitation:

You just got to wonder if the ravages being repaired are those grievous damages done to their own public that they are addressing…..the additional loans, the maxed out credit cards, the cashing in of 401Ks, the draining of the college funds, the savings siphoned off, the 2nd mortgages, the depletion of bank accounts, the ‘what’s in your wallet’, ‘black panther regges’ that pounce every day, ….gotta be repaired.

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