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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Greetings Mr Miscavige – have a nice day!

A soon to be viral message from Anonymous which I missed the first time around.

Amazing how it still applies!

Anonymous message to David Miscavige

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Mike  on August 25th, 2012

In the time I have been following your blog it continually has highly interesting and informative posts.

This post has me at a loss, though. What does a four year old video have to do with now? What am I missing?

OldAuditor  on August 25th, 2012

Mike, I just saw it this morning and it was new to me so I shared it. I wounder how many people missed it the first time around.

In 2008, most of the church faithful were just beginning to realize that the OT levels were not delivering what was promised and a lot of people, myself included, were not aware of the dimensions of the Miscavige destruction of the safeguards of corporate Scientology.

What were you doing in 2008? I was hiding out, waiting for Heber and the execs to set things right. I was tired of writing Knowledge Reports and couldn’t figure out why nothing was being done to address the insanity that was pervading the church.

Mike  on August 25th, 2012

Thanks! that clears it up. And yes it was new to me too. I missed it the first time around.

Let me continue here by changing one of your sentences above.

In the early ’80s, most of the church faithful were just beginning to realize that the OT levels were not delivering what was promised and a lot of people, myself included, were not aware of the dimensions of the Miscavige destruction of the safeguards of corporate Scientology.

I did become aware shortly after that.

In 2008? I was doing a face-palm at the idea that the church insanity had been going on for over 2 decades.

OldAuditor  on August 25th, 2012

I think I am slower than you were. It took me until 2010 to discover that the insanity started in 1965.

It took me until 2011 to discover that I had been in a cult for many years. The church-caused insanity takes a while to wear off. We adopt a beingness (an identity) that makes us a good group member and that beingness does not have a full set of dynamics in it.

You will observe some people who are still in a Sea Org valence years after they have “returned” to civilian life. The giveaway is their intolerance of new ideas.

Mike  on August 25th, 2012

Your comment about dynamics is spot on. Along with the one about some ex-SO’s rigidity of ideas.

You also bring up another interesting point. This may not be the thread for it, but what the heck, right?

Something is, and was, rotten in Denmark. (Or perhaps that should be Elizabeth, NJ; DC; Phoenix, AZ; Saint Hill, UK; LA, CA; Clearwater, FL; etc.)

You saw it in 2010, me in 1983. Helen O’Brien saw it in the early ’50s. Others in 1963, 1965 and the ’70s. You get the idea.

My point? Something has been wrong for a while. Don’t get me wrong, much of what Ron wrote works. But not everything and some of it only some of the time. Some not at all.

Sure, there are those who will say that it was misapplied, it wasn’t understood or even you must have done something wrong.

Maybe, but not every time.

Leaving out the current regime, where the problem is that it does not know what Scientology is or how to practice it, what was the problem earlier?

I don’t know. Part of it, I think, was the “this process/RD/breakthrough solves everything” attitude. The concrete statements of, for example, “Now we can make a clear!” Or later, “Now we can really make a clear!”

Meanwhile the tech keeps evolving. Just look at the HCOB volumes.

A more honest statement of “this new thing seems to improve on where we were before, lets keep looking” would have been better as then folks wouldn’t look at “the bridge” as being the end all and be all.

Ron’s attitude of “I’m the Only One” didn’t help either.

Like I said, I don’t really know. What do you think?

OldAuditor  on August 25th, 2012

Everything you said has been observed and verified by others, sometimes as early as the mid-Fifties.

I have written about this many times since I started this blog, and you can get an education of sorts by entering old auditor in the search bar on the right sidebar. After you have browsed through these entries, look at all of the links in the right sidebar starting with “Church History You May Not Wish to Confront”.

When you have finished, you will be able to hold your own in any discussion of “what really did happen when Ron said…”

If you find anything that conflicts with the data you have observed, please make the conflicting data available to me and we will post it with references.

David St Lawrence

D'Anne  on August 26th, 2012

I really enjoyed this video. I’m very new to “waking up” here. I only discovered Scientology in 2001. Have been lucky enough to get fabulous Wins because of an amazing Auditor and C/S. However… there were red flags for me from many of the organizational things. All of my
misgivings were brought to the fore when those Squirrel Busters were splayed all over the internet as a result of Katie leaving Tom. I was embarrassed to be part of an organization who would have such thugs out harrassing ANYone. And that got me looking… taking off the blinders. And after getting half-way through the first book I realized I would already be declared for reading it… kind of like Ye Olde Witch Hunts… so I just decided to read everything and make up my own mind.

I was raised in an abusive, insane family. I was used to crazy-making s**t. Psychological abuse. Why do so many abused women return to their abusers? They just seem to think that they have to be abused in order to survive. I see a lot of that here… because I was raised in it, have been through it and am out the other side. Part of the syndrome is… don’t tell anyone, don’t talk to anyone outside of the family, and out there everyone is dangerous and will attack you. So.. the abused person just stays with the abuser thinking that whatever is outside is even worse than the abuser. It’s classic. I see it here… for what it’s worth.

And I’m FREE!! 🙂 By choice. And so are you!

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