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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Contrary to popular belief, the OT levels are really about taking responsibility

I have read a number of accounts written by people who made it up through the OT levels and still felt that these levels were all about handling the motivator flow. They still consider that Scientology OT levels handle “what happened to me” and were not properly focused on increasing OT ability, whatever that is.

I am not talking about untrained Scientologists here. Some of these people have been in Scientology longer than I have and have never really felt that the OT levels addressed what they wanted to handle.

I respect their observations, but I would like to encourage them to experience what my clients and friends experience every day in session, because my clients and friends are encouraged to look and communicate what they see and adopt an auditor’s beingness when in session rather than a pc’s beingness.

Pcs are generally focused on first dynamic concerns: How do I get this pain to stop; How can I get this mass to blow; Why is everyone so angry at me?

An auditor generally focuses on his pc’s concerns: How can I help this pc resolve this issue; How can I help this pc get off his overts and end this persistent condition?

OT auditing deals with beings rather than meat body pcs but the concerns and issues are the same. If the solo auditor takes responsibility for the condition of the beings in his space, he will naturally work to improve conditions for all concerned and will benefit personally while he does that.

As the OT solo auditor’s perceptions and reach increases, he will find himself taking responsibility for people and events at greater distances. If he continues to follow the Auditor’s code while helping others, he will not suffer from his auditing experiences, but will find himself becoming more causative with every well done session.

If you will compare the lives of those who are auditing others to those who are focused on first dynamic concerns, you may see a difference in outlook and in tone level. Successfully helping others is a most rewarding activity. Helping others spiritually is causation of the highest level.

When this is being done correctly, the auditor will find that his or her ability to perceive, to communicate and to influence life just keeps on increasing without any special “drills” to boost OT powers.

That is what OT auditing is all about. It is also a learning experience like no other.

Since this article was written, I developed Spiritual Rescue Technology  (SRT) with the assistance of many friends and volunteers and it takes OT auditing far beyond anything the church has ever envisioned because it enables you to help the beings in your space and it is free for all to use. It treats the helpful beings in your space as a potential resource and shows you how to make use of their abilities as opposed to the Church practice of driving them off or scraping them off which antagonizes them.

The “body thetans” which Ron Hubbard regarded as a nuisance or a menace are merely spiritual beings like us who are still stuck in monstrous engrams. Every time we encounter a situation in life that approximates one of these engrams, these beings go into full restimulation and we get upset, or fearful or even violently ill. SRT provides a fast and simple way to pull these beings out of the incidents they are stuck in and it can be done without a meter.

You can read about it at spiritual-rescue-technology.com and you can join the growing number of SRT users who get their questions answered on  IST-Forum.com

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