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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

September: another consecutive month of it hitting the fan over in Miscavigeville

As Tony Ortega over at the Village Voice has already reported, Vanity Fair magazine’s October issue’s cover story is about David Miscavige’s ill-fated and ill-advised attempt to arrange eternal true love for his BFF Tom Cruise. Sneak peeks of the Vanity Fair article are here and here and here.

Marty Rathbun has taken a few stabs at separating the truth from the effluence with his posts here and here and here. The latest nation-wide press exposé of Miscavige’s corporate Scientology auditioning of Tom Cruise’s brides was on NBC and ABC in their morning shows.

Scientology Inc and Cruise’s representatives have repetitively and categorically denied that any “wife auditioning” operation occurred. Miscavige’s Misguided Media Minions hauled out the latest lies and slander about the sources for the VF article. But when Scientology Inc regurgitates its usual ludicrous accusations about a critic being a “lying bitter defrocked apostate anti-Scientologist”, you can be pretty sure that what the critic said about Scientology Inc is true.

And don’t forget the other information leaks about Cruise’s wife auditioning operation.

Ironically, the Church that insists that members report to the Church about each other just like Nazi Germany insisted that good Nazis report on fellow Germans to the Gestapo or the Stasi insisted that East Germans report to the Stasi on other East Germans.

That Church now gets upset when its members or former members report on the Church to the press.

What goes around, comes around, Davey.

Remember that stuff that Tom Cruise said about a Scientologist having the ability and responsibility to effect change for the better? What about what Tom Cruise said about putting someone’s ethics in? When Tom Cruise doesn’t put David Miscavige’s ethics in, the people who see through Cruise’s disingenuousness start telling the press what they know or have been told to keep secret.

It’s long past time that Tom Cruise opened his eyes and did something about it.

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Justy  on September 5th, 2012

Well go ahead and nail them at the cross.

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