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Miscavige’s knee-jerk SP declare miscalculation (Part 1)

Marty Rathbun has written about the Scientology Inc reactive push-button SP declare procedure here.

I have written about the Freedoms of Being Declared here, and I have written about the manipulability of the Scientology Inc SP declare process here.

You’d think that the current Scientology Inc declare procedure was a penalty for the person being declared, and hence resulted in a reward for those people left in.

After all, Scientology Inc expects parishioners to disconnect from people it declares are suppressive.

That means that the dyed-in-the-wool (DIW) parishioners are expected to cut communication with the person declared suppressive. They can’t talk to, receive communication from, or even think about or talk about the declared suppressive person.

Is that a reward or a penalty for the DIW parishioner? Is that a reward or a penalty for the declared suppressive person?

Most parishioners will tell you that it’s a penalty for parishioners who remain in Scientology Inc. Most parishioners who have a friend or relative declared will tell you that without comm lag that it’s been a penalty for them to have to disconnect from someone that Scientology Inc has declared a suppressive person.

On the flip side, most declared persons will tell you that it’s been a relief to have been declared. That why I wrote about the Freedoms of Being Declared here.

After spending years or decades under the suppressive thumb of David Miscavige and his Malignant Malevolent Minions, being declared, with the assurance that the actual suppressives avoid you like the plague affords a freedom you can’t imagine.

Even if the now-declared SP had DIW parishioner friends in the church, he comes to realize that hanging around with them was making him jittery and anxious. After all, associating with people that will write false reports about another at the drop of a hat tends to make a person apprehensive and jumpy.

In order to preserve his sanity, the soon-to-be-declared parishioner realizes he has to disconnect. After all, that’s what Scientology Inc doctrine demands…that one disconnect from suppression and the source of suppression.

That’s true even if the suppression originates from inside Scientology Inc.

This then is part of Miscavige’s monster miscalculation: that Scientology Inc’s SP tech demands that parishioners disconnect from Scientology Inc.

Starting in 1982 (with the disastrous Mission Holder conference with its “instant push-button declares”) the decline and shrinkage of CSI has continued, only briefly experiencing a respite due to Jefferson Hawkins’ excellent Dianetics book campaign around 1988.

Miscavige’s mismanagement of the church over the past 30 years has not resulted in expansion, and certainly not the 70x expansion touted by Miscavige at Int Events.

A chance to see the actual stats of an Ideal Org demonstrates that Miscavige’s claims are delusory and his claims that Ideal Orgs are to credit for the imaginary expansion of Scientology are hallucinations out of a pipe-dream.

If an honest well-meaning Scientologist wants Scientology to really expand and for people to experience the Scientology he experienced over 30 years ago, he needs to disconnect from Miscavige’s madness.

If he  does, at least one soul will be saved.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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OldAuditor  on September 9th, 2012

I propose we start a tradition of holding “Declare Celebrations” to honor the new freedom available to the “Declaree”!

Those who live in the person’s vicinity can gather to cheer the newly declared person on and share advice. Those who live at great distances, can post congratulations on Facebook or on this blog with stories, poems, and songs to commemorate the final separation from the Corporate Scientology Borg mothership.

Scientology Borgs think as one and act as one and are pretty unimaginative, so graduating to full release from Borghood is something to be celebrated.

I can envision some of our more talented ex-members coming up with “Happy Declare Day” cards to send to those who have been expelled from the cult.

“You have been expelled from the cult for good behavior” :)

D'Anne  on September 10th, 2012

It seems to be a badge of honor and intelligence to be “declared”. It’s truly funny. Except for the fact that courageous families who have devoted their lives and all their income to Scientology now find themselves having to “excommunicate” a loved one from their life just because she peeked behind the curtain and saw more than she was supposed to see. It is heart-breaking to watch a close family torn apart by this ultimate silliness turned tragic. Like watching a shipwreck in slow motion.

I can’t wait for the Vanity Fair to hit my front door or my Kindle. Want to read the rest of the story and watch what happens when the rest of the world reads the whole story.

Question: If this whole thing blows up and Tom takes the gauze out of his eyes and DM gets whatever is coming to him… then what happens to all the Ideal Org buildings? Who actually owns them? Does DM own them? I understand that title to the buildings is signed over to a business entity that he owns… not necessarily Scientology Inc. Is that true? What would happen to the church if THAT is true?

PlainOldThetan  on September 11th, 2012

The Ideal Org Buildings, at least in the United States, are “owned” by a corporation named Building Management Services. This is the holding company used to hide the building’s ownership from people looking for “scientology” in title searches. It also serves to obfuscate who’s looking to buy or hold a particular building. Scientology Inc noticed what when the word Scientology was attached to a building’s acquisition effort, the price immediately soared. It also serves to keep the word Scientology out of the papers and court documents when something goes wrong, as it did in Jaffa Israel. http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?24854-Israeli-Court-Orders-Closure-of-Scientology-Jaffa-building-after-7.6-million-suit

I wrote about the Church of Scientology International’s deliberate anonymization of its own activities here:

It’s my opinion that fundraising for Ideal Orgs should be done in the name of the Ideal Org being supported, such as Church of Scientology of Albuquerque, Inc. or Church of Scientology of Albuquerque, Inc., A 501(c)(3) Corporation.

That way the church would have to go through the incorporation process for each Ideal Org that’s created and that the Ideal Org would really belong to the church bearing its name. It also means that Scientology Inc couldn’t sell the building out from under the church on a whim. It also means that Scientology Inc couldn’t keep the church from selling the building if (when) it’s obvious the church is going bankrupt and the only way to keep the church running would be to move to a smaller building.

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