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The Phoenix Idle Org apparently is having difficulty getting people interested in Scientology by making its usual promises regarding actual Scientology.

Taking a cue from the barrage of ads being sent out by the Freewinds, the Phoenix Idle Org is trying to entice people into the org to learn how to achieve success and how to deal with stress.

This is the e-mail they sent out Saturday.


From: Scientology Tools Phoenix <[email protected]>

Sent: Sat, Sep 8, 2012

Subject: Perfect Dissemination Tool!  Bring Your Friends & Family


TUES, SEPT 11th @ 7pm


What is Success? How do you get there?

What do you need to Be, Do and Have
to be successful in your own eyes?



WEDS, SEPT 12th @ 7pm


Learn how to be more effective in your life by eliminating those things which are causing you stress. You will be more able to achieve the goals you are working toward. Call to let us know who you are brining.


Church of Scientology Phoenix
3875 N. 44th Street Phoenix, AZ 85018


The end product of How To Achieve Success, is of course is defined as if you’re “successful in your own eyes”. So what they presume they’re starting with is someone who is not successful in their own eyes. Is that the message they’re going to send people who attend this “seminar”?

Is the corollary of finishing the seminar that you’ll look successful in someone else’s eyes? Where then is the integrity in that?

If you’ve been paying attention, you know that Scientology Inc only defines success in terms of how much money you’ve donated to some unsubstantiated Scientology Inc pursuit, like Idyllic Orgs, or docking a ship in a Colombian port, or how many tanning beds David Miscavige used this month.

And don’t forget, a major measure of success in the Ninth Dynamic* (Scientology currency-based projects) is how many lawyers Miscavige can hire to throw nasty stares at ABC, NBC, or Vanity Fair.

So the hidden agenda behind a Scientology Inc Success Seminar is for you to use your energy, time, and communication lines to make money that can just be signed over to Scientology Inc without getting anything substantiatable in return.

I hope they cover the different types of exchange in this seminar, and that the attendees see that Scientology Inc is totally immersed in the rip-off type exchange.

As for Handling Stress, the promo piece promises to teach you eliminate “those things which are causing you stress”.


Will the seminar tell you how to go to church without constantly being harassed by staff and salesmen and registrars trying to suck your wallet dry? That alone would make the seminar worth the time it would take to attend it.

Of course, the seminar itself would have to not harass you to cough up scads of money to make sure you weren’t stressed by attending.

And if you don’t immediately give money at the Handle Stress seminar, they’ll set upon you with the people they have who can guilt you into not only giving money the first minute they talk to you, but again every fifteen minutes until you can make a clean escape.

After all, it’s out-ethics for you to make money that you don’t give to the church, you time-wasting worthless scumbag you.

The seminar won’t address the key method of eliminating stress from your life, of course.

It won’t advise that you get out of a church that’s obsessed with draining your finances and insisting that you continue to associate with mind-numbed PTS parishioners who are in the hypnotic mind-numbed grip of a compulsively secret psychotic “church leader”.

The church continues to do “stress tests” in which the key suppressive in the new person’s life is identified by using a meter.

Will the Handle Stress seminar find the key PTS terminal in a person’s life by finding out who took their money by guilt and manipulation?

Will the person be educated enough in PTS tech at the Handle Stress seminar to recognize David Miscavige as the key Suppressive Person in their life?


Then the seminar will not deliver what’s promised.

Big surprise.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

* Although LRH talked about the Ninth Dynamic as being aesthetics in 5212C01b E-METER: DEMO (PDC-02), he also referred to the Ninth Dynamic as ”the buck” in 5203c05 as well as about 8 other lectures.


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D'Anne  on September 13th, 2012

I have watched an “ideal” Scientology family disintegrate. This family has devoted their lives and hundreds of thousands of dollars to the CoS. Now, because of Thought Police actions, they have thrown out the one who provided for them and paved the way for their well being. After hundreds of thousands of dollars in “sec checking”, this individual has been deemed a “pariah” and has been cast out onto the street to fend for herself at an age when the body is old and the hair white. Divorce. Disconnection.

Amazing. Ruthless. Disgraceful and cowardly actions on the part of the children as well as the spouse.

This leads to only one conclusion — either

If the Tech WORKED… or was being APPLIED CORRECTLY… then this family’s devotion to CoS, the money spent on auditing and training, and the devotion to their PCs would leave them prospering, in communication, at cause over money, and living in love instead of fear.

Thank you for this blog and website so that these criminal, unethical and inhumane actions can be exposed. Thank you for showing us clearly that there really is poop in the soup at CoS. They are advertising chocolate cake and handing out cow patties.

How long will it take the others to wake up from this tragic silliness?

iknowbetter  on September 13th, 2012

I already got the EP of “How to Handle & Deal With Stress”…

It was the day when I decided to not go to a seminar on “How to Handle & Deal With Stress” or everything the crazy Co$ does. As Neil Young said…Keep on Rockin in the Free World!”

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