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Steve and Ariel Spargo Declare Independence

Steve Spargo and his wife were experiencing out-tech from AO-ANZO so Steve was going to write a KR and then ask the D of P why their Class IX auditors and C/S’s can’t comply with the Laws of L+N and other auditing basics. He planned to make a nuisance of himself until some change manifested.

But he found that the AO HGC were having trouble due to arbitraries (things not based on natural law) coming from upper management. He started digging and it became evident to him that a criminal situation exists within upper management of the Church and that this out-ethics situation is drifting down the chain of command faster and faster.

Shortly thereafter he and Ariel declared their independence from the church. This is his declaration. For his full review of the current situation in the church please read: http://spargostory.wordpress.com


To:  All Scientologists
From: Steve and Ariel Spargo
Date:   10 Sept 2012
Subject:  Resignation From Church of Scientology

Earlier this year I woke up to the fact that our Church management has over time departed wildly from LRH policy and HCOB’s and that the entire spirit and survival of the movement is under threat

Ariel and I believe that the Church of Scientology has become a totalitarian activity dominated by RTC, where parishioners ignore policies like Safeguarding Technology and Keeping Scientology Working in the interest of avoiding trouble.  There is no freedom within the Church to discuss whether or not a particular program adheres to policy.  Current programs have serious flaws and will not take the Church where we want it to go.

Unquestioning acceptance and money are now the priorities in Scientology and we don’t like it.

It’s obvious that management feel free to alter successful LRH programs and come up with travesties  like GAT.  It feels like fingernails on a blackboard when my friends cheerfully say “Yes, but GAT 2 is going to fix that.”  They are right back where I was for most of the last 35 years.  I had an excuse for everything.

I have never thought it necessary to say this before. But I require my Church to be motivated by the Aims of Scientology and to adhere to LRH policy and tech.  That has always been the condition of my support.

In view of the major departures we are witnessing, and the antipathy towards doing anything about it, I and my wife Ariel have decided to withdraw our support and resign from the Church.

What Now?

Although we no longer support the Church of Scientology, my wife and I are Scientologists and wish to continue practising our religion.  However we know that the Church will now call us “squirrels” and say we are not allowed to practise Scientology without their permission.

In the past, I have been completely taken in by the Church appearing to strongly support Human Rights.  Now I know it was just a public relations sham.  In fact, there is no freedom of religion in Scientology.   It’s completely authoritarian.

I would rather let bygones be bygones and leave the Church to its own devices.  Live and let live.

But we all know that the Church routinely uses legal action, infiltration and public attacks to insist dissenting Scientologists either give up practising their religion or forge an alliance with Scientology critics.  For Ariel and I, it’s a choice we should not be forced to make.

Ron always said that wisdom was for anyone who reached for it and that there should be no monopoly on the subject.  This is just one more point where the current Church management disagrees with Ron.

To Church management we have only one thing left to say.  Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

Steve and Ariel Spargo
Independent Scientologists

PS:  I have published my review of the Church at http://spargostory.wordpress.com

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plainoldthetan  on September 12th, 2012

I read all of the posts at http://spargostory.wordpress.com and found them to be real and compellingly true. It’s obvious that Steve and Ariel have been accumulating a lot of travail as the result of the Church’s obliviousness of its own out-tech actions. It’s also obvious to me that the the Church is deliberately arrogantly ignoring the originations of its parishioners in order to run political campaigns against its own parishioners.

There are those who feel that I am just being critical when I write about the Church without realizing that my complaints are borne out in fact. (That’s a conditional phrase in the Tech Dictionary’s definition of CRITICISM. The presence of CRITICISM is not an absolute A=A=A=A indicator of overts, no matter what the Church would TELL you.) So dismissing someone’s observations simply because they sound critical is a symptom of having fallen into the Sea Org/Miscavige valence.

Steve and Ariel’s complaints are borne out in fact. An out-list pc who’s not been allowed to have the correct item will have certain manifestations: 12. An underlisted and overlisted list will ARC break the pc and he may refuse to be audited until the list is corrected, and may become furious with auditor and will remain so until it is corrected.

It’s obvious to me from the writeups in this blog post and on http://spargostory.wordpress.com that Steve and Ariel attempted to communicate their distress and concerns to the Church, who ignored them.

Once again, the Church created people who were willing to look at the problems the Church was creating and who realized that the only way out was OUT.

Well done, Spargos!

Dan 351  on September 13th, 2012

The most blatant example of carping 1.1 critism, I’ve seen in modern times is the accusations the church makes against people who disagree with them.
See Freedom magazine for example.
I use the word “church” here, but that is actually a generality. I should say miscavage is the one making false carping accusations against his critics.
Since I’ve become an independent, I freely speak with church people who call me-like tours reges, booksellers, IAS people, people who call about events, old friends, etc.
Many of them are very open about the problems of the church and their concerns.
These people,for the most part are not hostile, but would like as LRH would say “get the show on the road.”
It looks to me like miscavage is well on his way to becoming a “bitter defrocked apostate”. He’s already bitter.

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