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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Tony Ortega is leaving the Village Voice

Tony Ortega, one of the most influential journalists writing about Scientology today, is leaving the financially troubled Village Voice where he has been Editor in Chief. He announced his departure this morning in a final blog post:

Those of us who have corporate experience have been expecting this for some time as the Village Voice was dwindling and had become more dependent on porn revenue than standard commercial advertising while Tony was running amok with enthralling articles about the big cult story of this decade. It was just a matter of time before they would part.

This image is just one more poke in the eye for Scientology, Inc from one of its severest critics.

If you read the Village Voice article you will see hundreds of comments from readers who want him to continue his writing.

I think it’s time for him to to take his show on the road and set up a new blog to service the audience he has built up with his hard work and excellent writing.

One of the big rules for those in a power condition is “Don’t Disconnect!”

If he stays available to his readers, they will find ways to support him through this transition.

He has created one of the biggest brands in terms of Scientology journalism, and the thing that the Village Voice may not understand is that he can take it with him!

The brand is NOT the Village Voice, it is Tony Ortega on the subject of Scientology. If he wants a vehicle to promote and to launch his new book, he need to get a blog up pronto and start writing.

He should not be like Scientology, Inc, and try to build the Ideal Blog.  He should start with WordPress and get online and start telling his story tomorrow.

I left a comment on his site:

“Do not disconnect. We will be waiting for your appearance as an “Indie”. :)”

By Indie, I mean independent of dead tree media.

This should make for an interesting end to the year!

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