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How to tell that Scientology Inc is going down for the third time

[Ed. note: “Going down for the third time” is an American idiom that means to drown, to die, to fail with no hope of rescue or survival]

There’s a real easy way to tell that Scientology Inc is gasping its last breath.

It’s in your mailbox.

You’ll see you’re getting about a pound of mail per day from the cult.

For myself, I’ve kept all the Scientology mail I received since the Debbie Cook letter aired.

I weighed it yesterday. It’s 142 pounds for the year to date (about 9 months).

Why is that an indicator of Scientology Inc failure?

It’s because the formula for Emergency says when a statistic is declining one of the ways to address that is to promote.

The steps of the Emergency Formula actually are:

1. Promote. That applies to an organization. To an individual you had better say “produce.” That’s the first action regardless of any other action, regardless of anything else, that is the first thing they have to put their attention on. Exactly what is promotion? Well, look it up in the dictionary. It is making things known. It is getting things out. It is getting oneself known, getting one’s products out.

2. Change your operating basis. If, for instance, you went into a Condition of Emergency and then you didn’t change your operation after you had promoted, you will just head for another Condition of Emergency. So that has to be part of it. You had better change your operating basis because that operating basis led you into an Emergency.

3. Economize.

4. Prepare to deliver.

If you look around a little bit, people who know the conditions formulas have been harping about Scientology Inc’s continual failures at completing an Emergency formula since at least 1997.

Yet the statistics continue to slip. And drop. And fall.

Straight down and vertical.

It’s because Scientology Inc only sends out unsurveyed unproofed promo, thinking that will address the condition. And since it’s done with a blanket shotgun approach, parishioners are getting promo they find useless or boring or dull. Like an OT VIII getting Purification Rundown promo.  Or a single male getting Communication Course for Children promo.

To actually complete the Emergency Formula (as recommended in HCO PL  3 August 1985 COMPLETING CONDITIONS FORMULAS) one must do all the steps of the formula, even if one of the steps of the formula resulted in a momentary stat reversion.

In this case, Scientology Inc never gets to the step where one must Change your operating basis. So the foundering stats continue to founder.

The schlubs up at Int never get to change their operating basis.

Why? Because the operating basis at Int is “because Miscavige said to”. It’s the actual function of which the first derivative is “do it because it’s command intention”.

At the Int Base every subordinate to Miscavige is cowed, because they believe their eternity will be threatened or obliterated if they show the temerity to challenge Miscavige’s edicts.

For example, no one will ask the Pope-on-a-Box to show a survey saying that that what the public needs and wants to go up the Bridge is a $750 set of encyclopedic biographies of LRH.

No one dared question if what parishioners really needed and wanted was a new set of Basic Books accompanied with an order to shred all existing Basic Books.

No one at Int Base would dare question the Master’s omniscient wisdom in producing a set of Advanced Clinical Course lectures on CD that costs $10,000 in Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Castilian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Farsi, Finnish, French, Georgian, German,, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Kyrgyz, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Nepalese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Sinhalese, Slovakian, Slovanian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese.

That’s 52 languages, by the way. Can someone tell me please how many sets of ACCs were sold in Vietnamese? Or Thai? Or Tagalog? Does anyone even know what Tagalog is? (It’s the traditional native dialect spoken in the Philippines.) How many Class VIII auditors were made that needed to be able to speak Tagalog? How many OT VIIIs are there that speak nothing but Tagalog? None?

Can anyone at Int Base dare question David Miscavige’s wisdom in pushing an Ideal Org program?

Can David Miscavige’s speech writers and script writers question the veracity with which he presents “statistics” at Int Events?

No one can.

But every Scientologist can see that their mailboxes are filling up with pointless, un-targeted promo pieces in an effort to run a condition formula that never finishes. That’s because the promo is being sent out as part of a wrong condition.

And an Emergency formula, left undone and incomplete for too long, requires that the condition be lowered to Danger (ref: HCO PL 16 January 1966R DANGER CONDITION).

And a Danger formula, left undone and incomplete for too long, requires that the condition be lowered to Non-Existence. (ref:HCO PL28 February 1966 DANGER CONDITION DATA, WHY ORGANIZATIONS STAY SMALL)

Most failures on post are occasioned by failures to follow the conditions and recognize them and apply the formula of the condition one is in when one is in it and cease to apply it when one is out of it and in another. (ref:HCO PL23 September 1967 NEW POST FORMULA, THE CONDITIONS FORMULAS)

And don’t forget It is true of all conditions that if you use one lower than the one you are in, you will bring the next lower one about. If you use the Normal Operation Formula when you are in Affluence you will certainly descend into Emergency. Therefore, if you are in Normal or Emergency conditions and start bypassing, you will quickly descend into Danger condition (statistics drop steeply) and achieve the only condition below Danger which is Non-Existence. Thus if you bypass you infer the condition is Danger when it isn’t. And you drop the org or any portion of it into Non-Existence. (ref:HCO PL 15 January 1966 I HOLD THE FORM OF THE ORG, DON’T BRING ABOUT DANGER CONDITIONS)

Do you go to Miscavige’s Int Events?  If you do, you’ll see from the presentation that he’s operating in NORMAL or AFFLUENCE or POWER. That’s in conflict with and opposed to sending out promo that overstuffs parishioners’ mailboxes.

Either he’s trying to complete a wrong formula, or everything he shows at the events is pure disingenuous delusional lies.

The solution to dropping statistics, out-admin, off-policy, and out-tech at the Int Base has been to assign lower conditions to the parishioners of Scientology Inc, rather than to finish any undone formulas properly. (outpoint=wrong target)

Did you ever get the idea that in 1982 the Emergency Condition created by the off-policy ambushing of successful mission holders was handled by changing the operating basis? For example, if the operating basis at the time of the 1982 Mission Holder’s ambush was “doing what Miscavige ordered, off-policy or not”, not one single person could get that operating basis changed.

And so the statistics-dropping operating basis remains.

With Miscavige in power, and Scientologists’ mailboxes filling up with hundreds of pounds of ineffective promo.

It’s time to do the formula for real and change the operating basis.

Possibly Helpful Advice of the Week

Tell Miscavige to resign.

That’ll change the operating basis.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

Update 28 September 2012

Someone with a keen eye on the environment documented his “142 pounds of trash” over on Marty’s site.


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elizabeth hamre  on September 22nd, 2012

Thanks David!

PlainOldThetan  on September 24th, 2012

No one has bothered to comment on steps 3 and 4 of the Emergency formula, which Miscavige has also obviously violated.

3. Economize. Idle Org buildings and a (not yet open) Super Power buildings and a Washington DC Scientology building for lobbying the US government ISN’T ECONOMIZING.

4. Prepare to deliver. That unfortunately has an implication: that you will DELIVER, unlike what an Idle Org building does now.

Scientology, Public Enemy #1 to the Environment - Not My Pony  on September 29th, 2012

[...] You see, Scientology runs on statistics. If you do “more” than you did last week, you are “up stat” and the church will reward you either with a little higher pay (maybe instead of $50 for your 80 hour work week, you’ll make $50.04) or just leave you alone. If you are downstat, that could cause you some serious fucking trouble including having to go to “ethics” to be interrogated. That explains why all this mail is coming around. How much, exactly? Well, one guy who has been blogging against the corporate Church of Scientology has received 142 pounds of junk mail from the Church of Scientology in 9 months! [...]

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