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Conan O’Brien mocks Miscavige’s wife-auditioning

Never one to miss an opportunity for social commentary/mockery, Conan O’Brien latched onto the Vanity Fair article’s notion of the Church of Scientology auditioning wives for Tom Cruise, and spoofed the hell out of it on his 11 September 2012 show.

Check it out here.

Possibly Helpful Advice Of The Week

Miscavige should remember that there are professionals out in the world who are doing nothing but waiting for self-aggrandizing uber-serious morons like Miscavige to goof up and then make money by mocking him and satirizing him on the air.

It is a symptom of a psychotic that he cannot look into the future and predict what the results of his actions are going to be. From PDC -59 CHART OF HAVINGNESS 5212C18:

Why is a psychotic always in the past? Your neurotic is at best in the  present, and  your people who are sane are doing very well, in  the future. They’re thinking into the future, consistently and continually, and it could be said that a man is really as sane as he can think and extrapolate into the future. Why is this?

That says, “A man is as sane as he can predict and estimate the rate of change of havingness and not-havingness.” Hmm. As long as a  man can predict the rate of change of havingness and not-havingness, he is quite sane. And when individuals are unable to predict the rate of change of havingness and not-havingness, they are unable to predict, and are not sane. When they’re unable to predict it, they’re just unable to predict it, and it makes out of them what? An effect.

My conclusion then is that those who are blindly following Miscavige are not following someone who is cause. They are following someone who is effect. Being effect of effect is two steps removed from cause. And two steps removed from OT.

Nice role for a “leader”.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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