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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Entity Contributions – An Excerpt From The 6-18-17 Spiritual Rescue Technology Webinar

This is the first of a new series of short videos on specific aspects of our relationship with our spiritual partners.

What happens when you fail to acknowledge the beings who are contributing to your talents

Some of your special talents may be provided by helpful spiritual beings. If you ignore their contributions and take credit for what they are providing, you may be in for a world of hurt when they stop supporting you. This is an excerpt of the 6-18-17 webinar on New Frontiers in Spiritual Rescue Technology.


To see the full webinar use this link: https://player.vimeo.com/video/222126924

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A New Spiritual Technology for the 21st Century?

Easily Confrontable 🙂

I originally published this in 2010 when I first began to develop Spiritual Rescue Technology. I am republishing it now because it has proved to be prophetic as far as predicting what kinds of counseling approaches would be successful:

Must be deliverable in a way that puts the PC at cause.
Should be deliverable by telephone or webcam connection when needed.
Must be tailored to address what the PC wants handled and nothing else.
Must not overpower the “minds protection”.
Should not require years of training to become a competent practitioner and produce repeatable results.

Why is this needed?

After 30 years of using LRH’s auditing and administrative technology, I am ready for some spiritual technology that works more reliably for a wider range of people and has less potential for destroying lives.

I have seen highly motivated PCs who never were able to address what they wanted to address because the Bridge defined by LRH was pretty much a one-size-fits-all proposition. Too many people I know got to their OT levels and never handled what they came into Scientology to handle.

I had some great wins receiving and using Ron’s auditing technology but I saw too many cases where I was prevented from helping others because applying LRH tech could conceivably make them worse.

The main reason for identifying “illegal PCs” is to protect the church against litigation. This may be good for the church but it denies gains to many who could benefit from some help.

I am beginning to see that there are alternatives to LRH tech which do not have the same liabilities because they don’t present the same risks to the individual receiving them.

From personal experience I can say with certainty that the Tech and its delivery has gone to hell since the early 1980s. As a result, I can understand the certainty that some have about the Tech not working on them or the people they know.


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