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Introducing John Joseph aka Plain Old Thetan

POT-Icon-160I want to introduce you to the friend we lost this week. The man behind the Plain Old Thetan avatar.

Now that Tony Ortega has written a tribute to John on his blog, I can now release some photos of his last years in Tucson.

These are a series of photos taken at John’s Sunday Services in Tucson. He sent them to me when we joined forces on the Possibly Helpful Advice blog. You can see his enthusiasm for his subject matter and the caring attitude he showed toward people reaching for the tech.

He was a great friend to many and although he was an absolute master of Scientology Tech, he supported me in my research for a better technology that anyone could do for themselves. He will be missed but not forgotten.

JJ-1This is John in full lecture mode. He was an enthusiastic speaker and engaged his audiences.In the Eighties, when he was on staff at the South Bay Mission in Manhattan Beach he was a favorite lecturer there too. Hie enthusiasm for the tech was contagious. He influenced many students who went on to become auditors.


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Not All Sheep Can Be Herded

jumping-sheep-T-Shirts“That’s it!” the Academy Course Supervisor bellowed.

6pm on a Sunday evening and course was over for me until the next weekend.

This was my first day back on course after many years of being off-lines. I had just started my Student Hat retrain as the first step to becoming a Class IV auditor. I had been looking forward to this day for years! I’d moved heaven and earth to make it go right to line up both the time and the money to get onto my training.

Before we could leave, the supervisor stopped us with, “The IAS reps have an announcement.”

Two people stepped forward, a man and a woman, wearing matching tan, pin-striped business suits that made them look like a bad husband-and-wife vaudeville act from the ‘30’s.

“We’re giving a special briefing in the Public Division lecture room and we’ll be serving dinner. We want you all to come. We have some very special and exciting news to give you about the latest fantastic IAS wins! It is very important that you get this information!” the man told us.

“Wow!” I thought. Not having been a student or pc on-lines for a very long time, I thought this was neat. I couldn’t wait to go and hear what the IAS had been doing.

I packed up my course materials and lugged them down the hall to the lecture room.


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Plain Old Thetan Passed Away Today

POT-Icon-160Plain Old Thetan died today after a long illness following an emergency appendectomy. His fighting spirit was unable to overcome the infection that followed the operation.

He was a tireless worker on behalf of all Scientologists inside and outside of the church. It is too soon to share all that he was doing, but he gathered data and provided analyses and DVDs to all of the major players in the independent field.

I worked with him for 28 years and am proud to have had his assistance and wise counsel during the time I was running the South Bay Mission in Manhattan and Redondo Beach. There are many people who are on the Bridge today as a direct result of his efforts.

He was an excellent and sensitive auditor and a compassionate Case Supervisor. He was a senior Case Supervisor at ASHO in Los Angeles for a number of years although he was not a Sea Org member. Periodically, a Sea Org mission would come through and kick him off post because he was not Sea Org, but the executives at ASHO would call him as soon as the missionaires left and ask him to return. He interceded in a number of cases to ensure that standard tech was being delivered even while the GAT evolution was degrading the tech and ruining tech delivery.

He suffered through GAT I while he was on the SHSBC Intenship and finally left the church when his internship was completed, realizing that there was no intention on the part of church management to allow field auditing to prosper.

When I left the church and started a blog to help those who sought information about opportunities outside the COS, he offered to help and soon took on the challenge of producing daily posts for much of the time I was working on research to develop a superior spiritual technology.

In the past few years, he has devoted himself to exposing the corruption and hypocrisy in the church and became a frequent contributor of information to independent bloggers everywhere. He also kept himself available to those who needed technical assistance and assisted a number of people to become active field auditors outside the church.

He sent out many videos of church events that showed how stats were being falsified and was still sending DVDs to Indy spokespersons a few days before he was taken to the hospital for his emergency appendectomy.

He was an inspiration to many auditors and a real trouper right up to the very end.

We shall miss him.



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