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facepalm_I have been singlehanding this site and several others for the last few months and it has finally caught up with me.

The Jetpack feature on this blog was mysteriously removed a few weeks ago so you have not been getting emails telling you about new articles as they are being posted.

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Please take this opportunity to catch up with the work of our two new authors, Theodora Farnsworth and Gwyneth Rolph. You can read about them in the About the Authors section.


David St Lawrence

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When life hands you lemons…

It has often been said that what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. Life in the poorly managed and inefficiently run Sea Org provided many earning experiences for those who survived it. Theodora Farnsworth relates one of her learning experiences which has ready application to life outside the COS asylum.

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-beautiful-waitress-image13849616The big elevator doors opened and one of the cooks pushed the 4-shelf cart out and rolled it over to the cafeteria service line. She lifted the stainless steel food containers off the cart and dropped them into place in the holes on the line where the hot water bubbling beneath them would keep the contents warm while the Sea Org members filed by to get their lunch. The cook removed the lids from the containers and unceremoniously stuck a big stainless steel serving spoon into each steaming pile of food. The cook and the cart disappeared into the elevator and slowly descended to the galley below. Her job was done.

As the Crew Steward, I had everything in place for the midday meal. I stood behind the line, waiting for the crew members to arrive, dreading it. Me . . . alone . . . against an angry mob.

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Another example of Scientology course room insanity

disapprovingOur new author, Theodora Farnsforth, has another story about GAT Academy Level training. This one covers the time when the emphasis shifted from making students to publicly exposing student secrets that had nothing to do with their study habits or with academy level training proficiency. Church execs have long had a preoccupation with second dynamic activities that were none of their business and the practice continues to this very day. Perhaps this story will give you some ideas for countering this kind of insanity.

How to Turn an Angel into a Devil

It was Sunday morning and another day on my GAT Academy Level training, sometime early in the first decade of this century.

As usual, I had gotten to course well ahead of time and had set up all my study materials in my favorite spot in the course room. I was looking forward to a really productive day with my twin.

The course supe swept into the room and greeted me effusively. He seemed extraordinarily uptoned and excited about something.

“I’ve got this great idea for getting students to move faster on course,” he told me. “I’ve been talking to one of the Briefing Course supes over at ASHO and he told me how he’s helping his students to get their ethics in. I’m going to do it here.”

I’d been on GAT training for years by this time and I’d watched the slow progress of students on the courses, and I’d also seen students just fade away, never to return. What I hadn’t seen was anybody actually becoming an auditor.

The supe was a sincere fellow who tried really hard to get his students through the courses, but he was fighting a losing battle. At that time, none of us knew what the REAL problem was.

So here he was, grasping at straws, in order to help his students.

As soon as roll call was over, he started on his new project.

One by one, he called each of us over to a table at the side of the room where he had an e-meter set up. And, one by one, he asked us each three questions while he watched for a needle reaction. Since he was the only course supervisor in the theory room, he couldn’t leave the course room to conduct this interview in private.

I believe the first question was, “While you have been a student here, have you ever looked at anti-Scientology websites?” Since I had no reality on these websites at that time, the exact question is vague in my memory.

The next two questions were:

“While you have been a student here, have you ever looked at porn on the internet?”

“While you have been a student here, have you ever masturbated?”

The supe didn’t indicate verbally that any of the three questions had read. He just noted the reads, if any, on a piece of paper.

If the student “passed”, he or she was told, “You may return study”, and the next student was called up.

However, if the supe got a read on any of the questions, the student was told to report to the Ethics Officer on the second floor and was given a report to take with them. The student, shame-faced and mortified, crept out of the room, his or her face glowing like a ripened tomato.

Of course, everyone in the room could hear the questions being asked and everyone was well aware of who was being cut out from the herd for ethics handling. No one was studying. Every attention unit in the room was focused on that little table at the side of the room.

My twin didn’t make it through the interview. He came back to our table to collect his things, unable to look me in the eye.

Then it was my turn.

And I was ready for it.


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