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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

What am I doing now?

Picture of me 7 - CopyPeople have been asking me, “What are you doing now?” and after years of searching, I have finally found a career that is intellectually challenging and spiritually uplifting because it enables people to change the personality traits they are unhappy with.

It involves spiritual research and I have been supported in this activity for many years by a group of friends and volunteers from all over the world.

Our research has evolved into a body of knowledge we call Spiritual Rescue Technology. The details of this technology are exotic and fascinating, but the results of applying it are visible and practical. Specific fears, aversions, and inhibitions vanish in a matter of hours in some cases. Troubled relationships become less troublesome. Serenity and joy ensue with continuing use of this technology.

If this sounds like something you might like to investigate, Google Spiritual Rescue Technology and you will find two pages of information on it.

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Are you now, or have you ever been a member of a cult?

I am republishing my 2010 article because there are too many ex-scientologists who still do not realize they sacrificed their personal lives and futures for a cult. They are still beating themselves up because they feel they failed to carry out their self-assigned missions impossible!

There is no wrong answer to the title question, just consider it a nudge to examine your experiences in a new light.

I applied some Wikipedia cult checklist material to my 33 years in Scientology as a mission holder and as public and was appalled by the result.

Six months ago, I would have confidently answered, “definitely not!”

One month ago, I would have answered, “Well, sort of… at least it seemed that way at the end.”

Yesterday, I read some definitions of cult behavior and I said, “Where have I been? The Church I belonged to turned into a cult long ago!”

Today I read more information on the Internet and realized the CofS became a cult in 1965, but the total transformation from fun-loving scientologists to SO dominated cult members was not complete until the mid Seventies. (Your mileage may vary as you may have been closer to the center than I was.)

I had  Googled “cult checklist” and came up with about 321,000 results.  Some cult checklists are written by one sect which doesn’t like another sect and decides the easiest thing way to make the other sect unpopular is to label them a cult.

I found several examples on Wikipedia which seemed to be more objective than most and by the time I finished the page I realized I had been part of a cult for 33 years!  My first four years had been so enjoyable at the Ft Lauderdale Mission and at Miami Org because the cult behavior had not been installed there yet.


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