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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

The Sea Org – Where You Discover Your OT Abilities!

Another great story from our inimitable Theodora Farnsworth, who shows us once again that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Sea Org Efficiency“Did we pass?”

A small group of exhausted Sea Org members stood waiting to hear the news.

They had been up all night, scrubbing and cleaning every inch of the huge subterranean galley, the spacious cafeteria and a small private mess hall.

These rooms were located in the Main Building of the sprawling Hollywood Scientology Complex. The Main Building was the original structure of the old Cedars of Sinai Hospital which had been completed in 1930. It wasn’t easy trying to “white glove” kitchen and food service facilities that were over 50 years old.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Sea Org lingo, “to white glove” means to clean something to the point of spotlessness where an inspector wearing a white glove can pass his finger over any surface in the designated area and have the gloved finger remain perfectly white. To inspect an area with a white glove in this manner was called a “white glove inspection”.

The day before, a CMO (Commodore’s Messenger’s Org) staff member had fallen grievously ill. The order came down almost immediately, “All staff in the Estates Org are to report to the galley this evening at 10pm. No exceptions.” And no one questioned it. It was a direct order from the CMO.

After a long hard day on post, what we all wanted was a hot shower and our inviting beds. We trickled into the galley to find out what this was all about.


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A technical explanation why NOTs auditing as done in the COS can be harmful to your health and sanity

NOTSBrief summary:
NOTs auditing was first used as a repair for L Ron Hubbard after he ran Dianetics on himself after reaching the state of clear. It then became the preferred method of handling body thetans remaining after running OT 3. Trained auditors have had great wins from NOTs while OTs who were only trained to solo audit seems to have more difficulties than wins.

What is really happening?
The difficulty appears to lie in the documentation. Read the Flag NOTs pack if you care to.

Regular auditing is done with high ARC and a good comm cycle. OT auditing, including NOTs, is done with a “zero attitude” which is something you expect from your ethics officer or a sec checker on a good day. Conversation with body thetans is discouraged. You are expected to get rid of them, not talk to them. They are treated as “things”, not living beings.

Ask some of your OT friends if body thetans are living beings and you will be surprised at the responses you get. Try auditing a pc and treating him or her as a thing and see how much case gain that pc gets. You will invariably get an upset pc and a red tag. Body thetans (spiritual entities or spiritual beings) are tougher than the usual preclear and you can get them to leave you if you follow the NOTs directions but you have not brought them up tone nor have you released them from the incidents they were stuck in. You are instructed to mock up a “thetan hand” and scrape the little suckers off if they don’t leave of their own accord. This is not auditing in any real sense of the word. It is more like the crude practices called exorcism in the Catholic church

The body thetans (spiritual entities) are removed from the vicinity of the OT and the OT feels relief because the pressure or the somatic is gone. The spiritual entity is discarded and forgotten like the inmates of asylums are discarded when their insurance runs out.

They do not really leave and get on with life and they are in really bad condition. They are angry and feel betrayed and they have counter intention to the person who mishandled them and to the organization that is running this abusive process.

What are the consequences of this out of ARC auditing?

When I was at Flag, I noticed auditing rooms that had gray masses hanging from the ceiling and plastered to the walls. These were entities left from incomplete auditing cycles and it felt creepy when I entered these rooms.

When you are on the OT levels, the emphasis is on producing hours of auditing, not on getting wins. You are constantly under scrutiny and you are given security checks (I am not auditing you) instead of auditing for case gain. Your entire purpose on those 6 month sec checks was to get out of there and get back home. The church’s entire purpose was to reg you for more intensives and for IAS donations. Between the insane three swing F/Ns and the incessant regging, your desperation level increased until you could F/N while crying inside. The examiners could not spot an ARC break needle if you kept your fixed smile in place and you learned to do what was needed to get out of the madhouse and back on the plane home.

So, what about the body thetans that were removed from the people in session?

Some followed the person home and kept out of sight. They are not stupid you know. They would only show up when the OT would do something that restimulated them. Then they would take control and make the OT lie or make others wrong and that would make people shake their heads and think that this was another OT who didn’t seem to be right in the head.

These uprooted but unhandled entities and clusters are boiling with rage and upset and they have a terrible effect on a person’s body and on his thinking. They add stress to the OTs life along with the stress the church has caused and the person becomes predisposed to illnesses of all kinds.

The rest keep accumulating at Flag, at the Sandcastle, the Freewinds, at every Advanced Org in the world like a collection of bad smells. There is a cloud of upset entities around all of these Advanced Scientology organizations and anyone with any spiritual sensitivity can see it. I would think that it also affects new public when they approach these places for the first time.

So what now?

We have definitely proven to our satisfaction that NOTs and OT 3 are harmful to entities because those actions stir up entities and do not bring them to a release point. The OT material mentions the possibility of running the grades and clearing an entity, but I have never heard of it being done in practice. They are audited until they move off or blow and that is it.

There are at least two groups in the independent field that are taking an active role in handling these upset beings at the Advanced Orgs, Ron’s Org Grenchen and the SRT team. These two groups are delivering high ARC OT auditing which treats body thetans (spiritual entities) as living beings. They do remote auditing of these clusters at various Advanced Orgs. For more information see: http://independent-spiritual-technology.com/discussion/index.php?topic=882.0 (registration is required)

These groups also repair OTs who have been damaged by their church auditing.

I really hate to break this to you, but it appears that those doing Solo NOTS at home may also be generating a cloud of distressed entities as a result of their auditing if they are not trained auditors.

Some of you have observed your OT friends becoming less and less buoyant and enthusiastic as they moved up the OT levels. We have attributed this in the past to the fact that they were becoming LESS self determined with each level completed because of the suppressive church policies which forbade them from thinking on their own and communicating freely.

I am sure that is one factor as it does come up in repair sessions frequently, but now we have spotted the real reason why OTs on Solo NOTs do not get better as expected. The NOTs processes rarely produce case gain in the entities who are subjected to them. Unhandled entities produce a world of difficulties for the person who is afflicted with them. See some examples at http://spiritual-rescue-technology.com/?p=135

Friends do not let friends do NOTs.

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David Miscavige’s Inspiration

A new contributor, Motti Morell, has taken an unconventional approach to understanding the possible source of Miscavige’s incredible desire for personal financial enhancement. He suggests that David is only following a time honored tradition of corruption that began with the Borgias. To give us some reality on this corruption, he has provided us with a short clip from the TV series, “The Borgias”. I think you will find his presentation persuasive…and chilling.

Miscaviges InspirationI watched the TV series “The Borgias” with Jeremy Irons. I edited the relevant excerpts from episodes 6 and 8 in season 3. Pope Alexander VI, Rodrigo Borgia, is regarded as the Catholic Church’s most corrupt and unscrupulous Pope.


LRH never agreed to donations except for actual services. But his successor who was born a Catholic, violently violated LRH policy and turned exchangeless donations into the COS’s main business.


It is most evident in Flag, where PC’s are requested to pay money not for services but for being allowed to advance on the bridge at all. Sins uncovered in confessionals can only be absolved by paying more money. When I refused to donate (after having fully paid for my services), I was driven out of my Oak Cove hotel room in the middle of the night and threatened with “losing my eternity”… Fuck them. Life has been much better outside ever since, in the indie world where LRH policy and tech is kept and not violated.

Interesting to see that DM didn’t invent anything; he just followed in a corrupt Pope’s footsteps… Some of my friends still inside see it but are afraid to sever their connections. Others refuse to see it for fear of unsettling their ‘stable datum’.


What kept me sane was my viewpoint from the start that I’m only in it for the tech, that the Organization is not the tech, that people (even Scientologists) are always imperfect, that greed and lust for power among humanoids (including Scientologists) is omniprevalent, that many unscrupulous, cynical leaders over the generations exploit their flock’s gullibility to extract money and obedience from them. All this has always been with the human race from the start, so why should it be different with the COS?

~Motti Morell

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