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1996 GAT Evolution Write-Up by an Outer Org Trainee

robot-orgOne of our readers sent us this account of her participation in the 1996 GAT evolution. I am publishing it in its entirety because it illuminates the mindset of a group which has almost completely abandoned reason for blind obedience. I think you will find it explains the reason for the current lack of capable, trained people in the COS.

The few instances of rational behavior by dedicated staff members stand out starkly against the overwhelming robotism of fully indoctrinated cult members trying to get products under impossible conditions.

This write-up covers my experiences as an Outer Org Trainee from a Class V Org during the original 1996 Golden Age of Tech evolution. It covers the events taking place at Flag leading up to the May 9th event that year when the Golden Age of Tech was released.

by Gwyneth Rolph

The original Golden Age of Tech training program had the purpose of training, as a minimum complement, two supervisors and a word clearer for each org. These trainees were to complete their supervisor and word clearer training on the new GAT line-up and then export the GAT series of programs to their orgs, assist in getting the program targets done, and train staff and students on the new GAT checksheets.

In late 1995/early 1996, before the GAT was officially released at the May 9 event, this entire evolution was top secret. The outer org trainees at Flag were not told about GAT until around the middle of March, and were all bonded in the sum of $10,000 not to reveal this data to anyone until after the May 9 event.

Some smaller orgs struggled to send enough trainees to Flag to fulfil the minimum complement in time for each one of them to complete the training. Such was the pressure on the Orgs to get their trainees to Flag that I can personally attest to the steamrollering and manipulating tactics certain seniors utilized in order to get a done.

Here are a couple of examples.

I was working a day job at the time and was contractually bound by my employer to give a month’s notice to quit. Whoever was in charge of arrivals at Flag, however, wanted me on a plane the next day. I had no intention of simply blowing from my day job, no matter how much I wasn’t enjoying it at the time. So I spoke to one of the senior directors, telling him some story of how I’d had this “lifetime opportunity” come up to enrol in an international training program, which I would miss altogether if I couldn’t be there by next weekend. Together we agreed that I would serve a week’s notice. However, I felt this meant I couldn’t risk giving that employer’s details for a reference when applying for future moonlight jobs in case the matter came up of my leaving at short notice and I was seen as a future flight risk. Perhaps this example serves as a perfect illustration of how short-term stats rule over long-term planning in the Church.

A second example is regarding finances. I was already paying off a loan (courtesy of Church reges) and ended up having to take out another loan so there would be money sitting in my account to cover the monthly repayments for the first loan during the time I would be on training and not earning anything (staff pay never reaching a level where one could qualify it as “earnings”). I was also manipulated into putting the cost of my airline ticket on my credit card, under the promise of the then ED that I would be paid back. The FP committee however threw the rule book at me upon my return, saying this came under purchasing liability of staff members, and the fact I was only staff status 0 at the time and knew nothing of any such policy made no difference. I did eventually track down the previous ED, who was at least decent enough to personally reimburse me. However, sorting this out, and all the other mess on my finances, took years.


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Plain Old Thetan appreciates your postulates for his speedy recovery

POT-Icon-160UPDATE 5/23/14: POT was sitting in a chair today and was able to take a few steps with help. He is definitely showing signs of improvement. Those of you who have been helping with SRT sessions should acknowledge yourselves.

Plain Old Thetan, or POT as he is known to his Indy friends, was laid low by a sudden attack of appendicitis several weeks ago. After returning home after the operation, things did not go well and he was taken back to the hospital where he is slowly recovering under the watchful eye of a sibling.

Today was the first day he has been able to sit up and we were able to talk for a few minutes. I kept it short because he is still very weak, but his mind is clear and he was asking about his friends and the blog. He was pleased that I was keeping the blog running while he recuperates.

Some of you have probably been sending him messages and information that should appear on the blog. He has not been able to read his email and probably will not be able to catch up for several more weeks so if you have material that you sent in over the past four weeks, please send it to me at oldauditor@possiblyhelpfuladvice.com and I will see that it gets published.

If you have personal messages you wish to send to POT, send them to me and I will see that he gets them. It will be some time before he can handle personal calls but in our conversation today he indicated that he will be back in comm as soon as possible.

Send your healing thoughts and your postulates for a fast and full recovery. We need him back on the front lines with the rest of the Indy bloggers.

Because we both write articles, we have an “About the Authors” tab in the blog header so you can tell us apart: http://possiblyhelpfuladvice.com/?page_id=2

~David St Lawrence

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Unraveling the Church of Scientology Money and Legal Labyrinth

Scientology Finance Network

The Scientology Money Project is unraveling the Church of Scientology money and legal labyrinth and deserves your attention and your support.

There are so many people working to bring the truth to light about the criminal actions of the Church of Scientology that it is hard to keep up with all of them.

For example, on the Internet we can read bits and pieces about the billions of dollars in reserves controlled by David Miscavige and the secret bank accounts in foreign countries, but the true extent of the hidden funds and interconnections of the many organizations under David Miscaviges control has never been available in one place until now.

The Scientology Money Project http://scientologymoneyproject.com/ has assembled some of the hidden reports that have been scattered across the Internet and has gathered new data from the IRS to present a mind-blowing collection of information about this secretive cult in easily readable form.

Here are some samples from this incredible treasure trove of facts about the church. See how much of this you knew already.

Who is in charge?

One of the recent posts exposed the names of top Scientology Functionaries which have been hidden from view for years.
Publicly available IRS 990-T’s and recent legal cases have given us the names of twelve trusted Church of Scientology functionaries:

1. Arthur Bolstad – CST books are in his possession as of 2011
2. Lynn Farny — CSI books are in his possession as of 2012, former GO
3. Ellen Reynolds — Secretary CSI, signs 990-T’s
4. Carl Heldt – His name is associated with the Scientology Int’l Reserves Trust (SIRT) in 2011
5. Austin Nickels – COS WUS books are in his possession as of 2012
6. Glen Stilo — FSO books are in his possession as of 2012
7. Alan Cartwright – Legal Officer CSI – has been deposed in Rathbun v. Miscavige, former GO
8. Diane Gillott – CCI books are in her possession as of 2011
9. Ludwig Alpers – FSSO books are in his possession as of 2012
10. Warren McShane — President RTC – has been deposed in Rathbun v. Miscavige, former GO
11. Laurisse Stuckenbrock – COB Personal Assistant, former GO Australia
12. Linda Hamel – CO OSA Int, former GO

How much money does the Church have in reserves, in assets?

501(c)3?s with religious exemptions do not have to file 990?s. However, they must file 990-T’s. Scientology religious entities have filed 990-T’s but nevertheless appear to be in noncompliance on making 990-T’s widely available to their membership and the public.
Church of Scientology International 990-T Filings 2008 – 2012

CSI 2012 Book Value: $846,314,618

CSI 2011 Book Value: $790,758,896

CSI 2010 Book Value: $747,346,185

CSI 2009 Book Value: $730,132,600

CSI 2008 Book Value: $612,684,413

According to 990-T’s filed with the IRS, the Church of Scientology International’s declared “Book Value” increased by a massive $233,630,205 from 2008-2012!

Who belongs to the Church of Scientology?

The Church of Scientology International is a corporation that owns property and has a 2012 book value of $890,000,000. But beyond those bare facts, the reality is that no one actually belongs to “the Church of Scientology” for the term itself is somewhat of a vacuous legal fiction.

The Church of Scientology International is only a “management church,” an administrative body that, among its other duties, collects money for the licenses it grants to AO’s, Class V’s, and other Scientology churches.


Go to the Scientology Money Project site and bookmark it because you will find many days worth of reading and it can be a valuable resource when the topic of donations to the church or to the IAS comes up.

The author of this Scientology Money Project blog is Jeffrey Augustine, a long time critic of the Church of Scientology who is doing his part to shine the light of truth on the Byzantine network of lies and secrets that is the current Church of Scientology.

(image credit:  Crime Vectors of Coquitlam from http://jasss.soc.surrey.ac.uk/14/1/6.html)

–David St Lawrence

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