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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

An Eyewitness Account of David Miscavige “Coaching” a GAT Auditor

beatingsGwyneth Rolph has returned to share one of the most intriguing stories I have ever seen about the person who currently manages the Church of Scientology. Once you read this, you will have no doubt about the future of this organization.

DM and his GAT Drill

It was October 2004, during the few days running up to the IAS event. I was on my Supervisor internship at Saint Hill.

DM and his entourage were in town for the event – we TTC’ers knew this, because we had all had to find alternative accommodation in East Grinstead so that DM and company could take over the Sea Org boarding house were we had been staying while on training.

For several days now, all the staff and public at Saint Hill had been anticipating a drop-in visit by DM. There had been an intense call-in campaign to get anyone and everyone to come in on course during the days leading up to the event, so that should DM or any of his staff walk into the course rooms, they would see the place (uncharacteristically) bursting at the seams.

I spent quite a lot of time studying or drilling in the Internship over those few days, as bizarrely there had been an order that there were to be no sup Interns in the course rooms when or if DM visited. (I have no idea what policy this was based on.) So some course periods I would be making progress on my checksheet, and other times I would have to make myself scarce. It was a bit frustrating.

Late one evening after course, I had some admin to complete, and I went down to the Internship to sit there and finish it.

An auditor called Eoin, whom I remember as an outer org trainee from Dublin a few years ago, was now a member of Snr. HCO and was apparently on his NED internship. He was watching one of his session videos on the TV in the corner.

Standing watching over his shoulder was a fairly short man in a smart suit. Two female CMO members stood either side of him. At first I didn’t recognize him, because from my perspective as I walked in the door, he was standing sideways on. He was saying loudly and repeatedly to this guy, “You know you’re going to get roasted, don’t you?”

I sat down and got on with my work, but the chewing out continued.

On the video, I heard the auditor’s voice call an F/N. I couldn’t see the TV screen from where I was seated, and I have no idea whether the auditor was correctly calling reads and F/Ns or not, but obviously this one prompted some disagreement.

“Oh, my GOD!” bellowed DM. “What do you call that?”

A few more seconds of video.

“Do you call yourself an auditor? What are you?” DM thundered.

“I’m an intern, Sir,” the auditor replied weakly.

“We’re going to do a little Golden Age of Tech drill, right now,” DM ordered, dragging the auditor over to the middle of the room and pulling up two chairs. Seating the auditor in one and sitting down himself in the chair opposite, he ordered his lackeys to fetch a pile of tech volumes off the shelves.

“This is what it is like for the pc when you do that,” he said.

Picking up a pile of about three or four tech volumes, he slammed them down in the auditor’s lap, while demanding loudly, “Has a withhold been missed?” Then again, “Has a withhold been missed?” – SLAM – another pile of volumes. And again, “Has a withhold been missed?” – SLAM – in rapid succession. Finally, he produced a bottle of water from somewhere, chucked it in the auditor’s face, and yelled, “Your needle is floating!”

By this time, the Snr. Intern Sup and the Qual Sec, who had walked in to find out what all the shouting was about, were standing there staring, speechless.

“That was distilled water, so it won’t mark your clothing,” DM said to the auditor, as if that made it all right.

“Now, you’re going to do the same drill on the Qual Sec,” DM instructed.

The CMO lackeys scurried off with the bottle to refill it with water.

The Qual Sec sat in the chair while the auditor repeated the procedure on him with DM and his staff watching.

I kept my head down during this exchange and continued writing. DM, the CMO members, the auditor and Qual Sec left the room. I finished up and left the org for the evening.

The following lunchtime, one of the CMO members saw me and approached me in the corridor. “You were in the Internship last night, weren’t you?” she said. “Do you have any concerns about what you saw?”

I knew that this was a conversation I really did not want to have. “No,” I replied. “Why would I?”

The CMO girl was visibly relieved. “That’s good, that you have that viewpoint,” she said. “Well, if you have any questions, come and find me, OK?”

I never did find out what happened to the auditor.

This is an illustration of how dangerous it had become to be an auditor in the Church under DM.

In fact it illustrates how the Church had become such a dangerous environment that self-preservation was higher on our list of priorities than calling out-ethics and out-tech even when it occurred right in front of our very eyes.

This story therefore is my belated Knowledge Report.

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Disconnection cuts theta lines One of our favorite correspondents has sent us another issue from the Miscavige Communications Office which should resolve once and for all whether the practice of Disconnection is aligned with Command Intention or not.

This spurious issue is marked Gen Non-Remimeo, but since it is of such importance, you who are outside the church should feel free to disseminate it freely.

If you post this satire elsewhere, please have the courtesy to acknowledge the author, Motti Morell.



MCO Policy Letter of August 6th, 2014

Gen Non-Remimeo
Exec Sec Hats
CO Sec Hat
C/S Hat
Legal Officer Hat
LRH Comm Hat


Despite the bad PR our disconnection policy has suffered from the growing hordes of squirrels, I can assure you that disconnection policy is our number one survival point.

A recent confidential poll conducted among Scientologists in good standing has shown conclusively that if disconnection was dropped as a policy, 78% of all Scientologists would walk out on the Church.

Independent Scientology is gnawing at our clientele with the lure of cheaper rates and softer ethics. Our saving grace is the fact that most Scientologists have family members, friends, employers, employees and business associates in the Church. Fear of disconnection keeps them within the fold. Most of them do not want to be separated forever from their loved ones, fired from their jobs, lose their businesses and their livelihood.

Furthermore, they do not want their loved ones to get into trouble, heavy ethics, Sec-Checks or have their bridge progress blocked.

So those 78% who are disaffected with the Church grit their teeth and keep their mouths shut and stay in. They don’t even share their thoughts with their closest relatives and friends for fear it will all come out in the confessionals with dire consequences to everyone involved.

I must commend those 78% for withholding their critical thoughts; Responsibility is ‘able to withhold’ (HCOB 21 Jan 1960, RESPONSIBILITY) and these individuals do it for the greatest good.

That’s why, with all the attacks we endure, we still manage to keep our membership and stream of donations waning at a moderate rate rather than crashing down at once. Had the disconnection policy been canceled, as a certain SP long since removed attempted it at one time in the past “in order to get good PR”, the Church of Scientology would have come plummeting to oblivion.

Therefore, the policy of disconnection is reaffirmed here with a vengeance, as it is just about the only glue that keeps us more or less intact.


David Miscavige

Most Glorious Leader


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Clueless Sheep Continue to Defend the Church of Miscavige

VolunteersJust in case you feel that Mike Rinder and Tony Ortega are making fun of the brain damaged adherents of the Church of Perpetual Cluelessness, I would like to present you with this charming literary effort from a churchie in Bellevue Washington who identifies himself as r@r.com.

This stalwart defender of the faith that kills babies and destroys families sent me this sanctimonious comment about one of our most visited posts: Finding your way as an Independent Scientologist

I was going to publish his comment after getting a little more data, but I found that his email address is fake. I now expect that he was completing some ethics condition and “striking an effective blow against the enemies of the group” to make up for some shortcomings in his dedication to the cause.

Here is his comment with my corrections:


I would suggest two disclaimers to be put on this page:

First, to note the AGE of the article, and the fact that a large amount of reform has already occurred. FALSE, conditions have worsened.

Second, that it is not impossible to act as an independent and still utilize the services of the church, at least basic services like courses. FALSE. Acting as an independent will get you declared a Suppressive Person.

At least that has been my experience, though limited – the churches I’ve been to have been happy to see me, to help me choose beneficial services, and further to check that I am benefiting from the services in a friendly and non-committal way.

The costs have been very reasonable – even “low” by my standards, though I have not yet advanced very far – not even so far as the first step of the Bridge. Perhaps he is a staff member. They generally do not move on the Bridge.

I think COS can still be a great asset to new public members, as the local orgs and missions are primarily focused on helping their public – not on suppressing or cheating them.  I would be quite impressed if he could name one org or mission that helped their public.



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