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Silvia Lloréns reveals suppressive actions by RTC at Flag

Over on  Marty’s site this week is a blog post from Silvia Lloréns a 24-year S.O. vet ex-RTC ex-Flag-auditor who lets us know about  the suppressive manipulations that were engineered by RTC at Flag.

Silvia is very detailed and specific about the problems she had being a staff member and about the out-admin and out-ethics and out-tech she witnessed and experienced under Miscavige’s administration.

Notably, from my perspective:

● Auditors at Flag were ordered to take preclears back into to session for unnecessary actions in order to get the hours up or to complete intensives so the VSD would be up

● Auditors at Flag figured out how to obscure reads that might occur when the  metabolism was being done by blocking the the auditing room cameras so that unsessionable preclears would not get a metab or get forced into session (and who then of course would not then F/N in session or after session)

● Flag base security was constantly “keeping staff members’ ethics in” by questioning what they were doing, why they were doing it, and who OK’d it, resulting in continuous missed withholds of nothing

● Miscavige was arbitrarily tearing upstat staff members off post at the drop of a pin with no paperwork based on his own false data and crashing misunderstoods

● Flag staff members were ordered not to be in-communication with public

● The first order of business at Flag after Thursday at 2pm was to cull current and old folders for “overlooked auditing minutes” in order to falsely force the VSD statistic up

● “Libs” (liberty—“time off”) was denied to upstat staff members in violation of decades-old Sea Org and LRH policy

● Libs were denied at last minute even though the staff member held an approved CSW for the time off

● RTC reps were running units in the org, bypassing the staff assigned to run those units, and failing to wear their own hats as RTC representatives, which meant that no one was ensuring standard tech and admin were being kept in at Flag

● Scheduling of preclears was done in such a way as to deny intensive auditing to some preclears while ensuring that other preclears got preferential scheduling so that VSD targets would get met

● Flag executives who prior to 2000 had been in-ARC and on-policy and in-tech started to resorting to screaming the verboten phrase “GET THE STATS UP” (ref: HCO PL 29 September 1976 THE STAT PUSH)

● Deliberately ignoring FLAG SHIP ORDER 348R AUDITOR STAT CONDITION, an LRH issue that was written and put in place to reward productive auditors with Libs, instead replacing the LRH issue with verbal orders to Staff MAAs that would guarantee no Libs and overworked auditors

● Auditors figured out how to leave their electronic “in session” signs on so they could steal some time to write up pc folders and would be able to go to bed by the standard securing time

● The Flag AO C/Ses were so overloaded they got hardly any sleep and would make the kind of mistakes that exhausted people make

● Unusual solutions to pc sessionability were introduced, like power bars, Emergen-C, bee pollen, “running up and down stairs” just before session instead of the simple exercise, good food, vitamins and sleep that the LRH issues on the topic require

● Auditors were expected to close their preclears for materials and other releases while waiting in line for exams, or just after exams

● If an auditor was unfortunate enough to run out of sessionable preclears, the auditor was of course put on sales calls for new releases or call-in for events, instead of doing what auditors are supposed to do, like FES folders

● Flag staff members and public did, and re-did, and re-did the PTS/SP course after Tom Cruise made an arbitrary uninformed comment about it to COB

● Assignments of lower conditions for “miscalled F/Ns” was prolific, causing the auditor with production demands to come up with ways to falsify and quickie lower conditions (miscalling F/Ns would be unavoidable in an environment where auditors and preclears were not getting enough sleep)

● Expanding the operating hours of the Flag HGCs so the Tech staff had no study or cramming time

● Auditors would end up off post when they red-tagged following enforced O/W writeups, reducing delivery even more

● The self-determinism of parishioners was bypassed constantly with the excuse of “but it’s the ethical thing to do”, when the parishioners were committing they knew what was overts but at the same time the parishioners knew they couldn’t get off the overts in session because they were considered “laudable” by those in power

This is just what I picked up from Silvia’s report and the reports of preclears I audited after they returned to the west coast from Flag.

It’s a culture of criminality. Thanks, Davey.

We already knew it. It’s just that every week, more witnesses surface to testify about it.

And good thing you escaped, Silvia.

— written by Plain Old Thetan


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bboy  on November 2nd, 2012

Maybe I misunderstood Silvia’s account of how metab reads were blocked from the camera… I thought the whole point of doing that was so that unsessionable pc’s would NOT have to go in session?

PlainOldThetan  on November 2nd, 2012

I misduplicated Silvia’s report, and fixed the blog post.

D'Anne  on November 2nd, 2012

This is so amazing to expose this. Thank you. So much is now starting to make more and more sense.

John Doe  on November 2nd, 2012

No, I think Silvia was talking about how she and other auditors used to protect unrested PCs from being stuffed with vitamins and energy bars so they’d get some sort of short-lived metab and then be forced to go in session, even when the auditors knew they shouldn’t audit that PC.

ronbible22  on November 2nd, 2012

Plain Old Thetan, bboy’s comment is correct. Reread Silvia’s report. She said she would show no read on metab, by holding the TA and not allowing it to move. Not like you to make a mistake like that.

PlainOldThetan  on November 2nd, 2012

“But there was a new trick we auditors developed: while pc was taking a deep breath your thumb was strongly on the TA; you needed to sit in a certain way to ensure your body was covering the camera so this trick won’t be caught by those who were watching the session. So, pc takes a deep breath, you hold the TA and move it little by little and slowly in a way that prevent the “metab” to show up on the screen where the faces of Tech Sec. DTSs and even RTC were expectant to see the needle fall on the metab so they could start counting the minutes that were need to “officially” count the VSD target.”

“Gross!!!! Unbelievebale!!! Yes, but we had a choice, either do this “trick” or audit an un-sessoinable pc that already had had three or more attempts to metab and was obviously un-sessionable. As far as Auditors were concerned we always choose to follow the Auditor´s Code.”

You guys are alert as always and caught me red handed. I’ve corrected the original post. Check me on it.

OT8  on November 6th, 2012

The re-checking of FNs is something I, as a pre-OT, had done over and over on elig cycles. I always wondered how a Class IX auditor couldn’t spot an FN when s/he saw one or was it that the C/S couldn’t spot the FN. Now I know – nothing but a stat-push.

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