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2011 Maiden Voyage Events: Is this anything?

I’ve reported on the perpetuation of Miscavige’s PhoneyGraphs in the first 2011 Maiden Voyage event. I actually looked at sixty images of PhoneyGraphs from the event but, frankly, I was nauseated by what I saw and I have no compulsion to see you in the same condition.

So I’m steering my vessel in a slightly different direction.

While watching the event what rescued me from compulsive projectile vomiting and enabled me to tolerate the two hours of the event was playing a game, inspired by CBS’s Late Night with David Letterman, in a segment called IS THIS ANYTHING?

So every time Miscavige put up some flashy graphic, I asked myself – IS THIS ANYTHING?

For example, there’s this befuddling computer-generated image, which is onscreen for less than one second:


This is NOT A STAT which has to be reported to Int Management. Therefore, if it’s anywhere near genuine, it has to be the result of some kind of massive mathematical manipulation.

As an auditor and C/S I can tell you that pcs have different amounts of case on different topics. So you can’t with honesty say that for a newly-starting preclear, he’ll run 3x faster on his grades than he might have four years ago. And you can’t even do it for one pc, for one grade.

Doing statistical studies with auditing is notoriously difficult. This is because as you audit, you’re changing the test subject, and he’ll never be the same again. And a different test subject is a different test subject, who will have a different amount of charge on the topic.

If someone does Grade IIIx, for example, it may take him three intensives. Since you can’t run the same action twice, so you can’t in good conscience take the same person five years later (with no further auditing) and run him on Grade IIIx again.

At least you shouldn’t. So you shouldn’t hear “five years ago he ran Grade IIIx in 3 intensives but this year he ran it in 1 intensive”.

So the only way to even halfway honestly come up with this stat is to take the AVERAGE amount of time it takes at ONE ORG with the same ONE AUDITOR to run Grade IIIx using the same Grades process checklist.

And what this fancy-ass graphic is telling me is that what used to take three intensives to run now takes one intensive to run.

Yes, it’s possible that one can get case gain from study. That’s described in C/S Series 38R HCOB 26 May 1971 R TRs COURSE AND AUDITING, MIXING MAJOR ACTIONS. Usual study courses like admin or tech give case gain. One can carry on with auditing parallel to them. But still expect a case to change a bit by study and baffle a C/S once in a while.

The thing I would be suspicious of if suddenly pcs started running 3-intensive actions in 1-intensive time would be something along these lines: the Training Supervisors have introduced an arbitrary causing the appearance of Grade IIIx running faster. Something like this: early in Grade IIIx, taking the pc aside, out of the range of the in-auditing-room video cameras, and telling him to go home and write down all his this-lifetime ARC breaks.

That would be an egregious error and no C/S with a conscience would let that occur.

No, in the age of Miscavige it is more likely that something equally horrible has happened, It is more likely that the fantastic new improved faster better Flag Grades checklists are 60% shorter. And, in a few specific instances, some Grade IIIs were run in one intensive rather than three.

There’s a fine line between improving a pc’s ability to be audited, and altering the conditions of an experiment so you can’t help but get a “3x faster” result.

Of course, LRH wrote HCOB 21 June 1970 SUPERFICIAL ACTIONS, and he wrote HCOB 26 August 1970R INCOMPLETE ACTIONS and he wrote HCOB 19 April 1972 “QUICKIE” DEFINED.

And, since Miscavige is honestly and precisely running his Church according to the writings of the founder, the awful things prohibited in those bulletins couldn’t be occurring.

(Note to experienced readers: That last paragraph was sarcasm.)

And we know that Miscavige wouldn’t be pushing people up the Bridge with inadequate results on each action just so he can get them to a place on the Bridge that is five times more expensive just so he can re-run their Grades at OT V HGC rates.

(Okay, that last paragraph was sarcasm, too.)

The only conclusion an experienced C/S can come to is that people who got audited over five years ago were ripped off.

Since I audited people over five years ago, Miscavige is calling me a criminal.


The easiest thing for me to do is to look at the graph and ask “IS THIS ANYTHING?”

The answer, unfortunately, is NO.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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LO  on July 11th, 2011

Dear OldAuditor,

Don’t apologize for your sarcasm. I know it when you’re sarcastic and I love you sarcasm !¨¨¨¨
You have lots of valid reasons for it !

MafiaWog  on July 11th, 2011

Good job! You broke down what can be a very difficult process of critical thinking for some, when watching these pieces of fluff, into a simple three-word mantra. Seemingly innocuous, “Is this anything?” or something like it (“What’s it saying?”) may be just the phrase to slip by the “bad questions” filter some have set up in their minds. Good show!

Watchful Navigator  on July 11th, 2011

No, it ain’t nothing.

Here is a quote from a C/S in my org when I asked just what he meant by the “new Flag Grades checklist”. Response: “They don’t put them in the folder, of course, because they are ‘confidential’ until released. But I was able to look at the Folder Summary and see that only 4-5 processes had been run before the guy was able to declare Grade 0.” (eyes rolling – both of us)

It’s “Quickie Grades” all over again. And POT is right. The motive here is to create a captive, by-passed case for future Flag income and to generally degrade the state of Clear, OT and the tech of LRH in the eyes of the world so that rock-slammer Miscavige can be “right”, right down to the last dying whimper of his campaign to destroy Scientology.

Fellow Traveller  on July 12th, 2011

Been thinking about this phoneygraph business. It actually is something. But nothing like what I am supposed to think. It is actually part misdirection, part mystery, part overwhelm, part obfuscation all maliciously calculated to instil blindness and obedience. Bletch! My take anyhow.

Thanks for suffering the cascade of hyperdrivel so I don’t have too.

Bruce Pratt

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